Caster Presents "Black Sands" EP on Ophelia Records

Caster presents his new project Black Sands EP on Ophelia Records composed of 4 songs divided into Dubstep, Melodic, Midtempo and Psytrance.

Every day emerging artists appear on the scene knocking on the door to enter and have a space made for them. One of those many artists who want to gain a foothold and who is sure to achieve it is Caster. A virtuous and versatile artist, capable of performing in multiple genres and producing great productions.

Caster threw in Subsidia Records his solo production called «The Lunar Ritual«, Being one of the most outstanding and listened to of the 3 volumes. Apart from that launch, this year he has made other productions such as «embrace of Hecate","advent omen","Blood" with SWARM or «Hunting season«. Now is the time to take a big leap and launch in one of the Record Labels that is gaining more and more popularity, Ophelia Records.

An EP composed of 4 songs in which we find Dubstep, Melodic, Midtempo and Psytrance. In the first two tracks, «Ishtar" and "Ifrit»The influence of Midtempo is more noticeable. On the other hand in «khum" and "Curse Of The Skill Road«, Dubsteo and Psytrance can be seen on large scales.

One of the emerging anonymous artists that you cannot lose sight of. You can now enjoy Black Sands EP de Caster on all platforms.

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