Caster return with "Kingslayer" to Ophelia Records alongside Ironheart

Caster returns to the Ophelia Records label for the release of his collaboration "Kingslayer" with Ironheart.

One of the great sensations of last year was undoubtedly Caster. The young producer is back on Ophelia Records, after standing out again on the record label of Excision. He entered the electronic music scene hiding his identity, and wanting his music to speak for itself. However, this secret was revealed with the release of Sinner's Sanctum EP, with songs like Pale Rider through Subsidia Records.

Following the debut release of Caster on the record label of Excision Subsidia Records, standing out among many producers, made an appearance on Ophelia Records. When his identity was not revealed yet, he was entered on the record label of Seven Lions, for the launch of a versatile project, called Black Sands EP.

From Black Sands EP, last year, Caster reappears on the record label of Seven Lions, for the launch of a collaboration with Ironheart, under the name of kingslayer.

Caster, Ironheart, Kingslayer, Ophelia Records, Seven Lions

This is not just any release, because in addition to being the first collaboration between Caster & Ironheart, is the first official song of Ironheart. Luke Anders, known professionally as Ironheart, is a producer of melodic bass and trance music. He is introduced through the front door without a doubt, with this incredible production, called kingslayer.

The production kingslayer, is an epic song under a medieval theme, full of guitar riffs and driven by violins, and heroic soundscapes. It is a roller coaster with devastating falls, to the rhythm of psytrance, and a multitude of energetic punches. They hope that kingslayer, take the listener on an epic journey as you embrace the magic of psymphonic metal.

A song that does not go unnoticed, either because of the theme or because of the number of elements that make it up, creating a perfect weapon. Enjoy the first collaboration between Caster & Ironheart called kingslayer through Ophelia Records.

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