Caster reveals "Sinner's Sanctum" EP and his identity

Caster releases his new extended play called "Sinner's Sanctum" through Subsidia Records and also reveals his identity.

New release for the second week in a row on the record label of Excision and with surprise included. After releasing Dusk Vol.4 and the collaboration of the founder of Subsidia Records with Dion Timmer & Alexis Donn called Salvation a massive launch is coming.

On June 9, one of the most versatile emerging producers of today reappeared, Caster. He was present at the debut release of Subsidia Records and now he is back for the launch of an extended play consisting of five productions. Not only has he released this new project, but he has also revealed his identity that was until now unknown.


He himself clarified that his identity was irrelevant and that he wanted his art to come to life on its own. Now with the launch of this new project he has been prepared to show the world who is behind these versatile sounds. With all this, he shows the scene his new Sinner's Sanctum EP after having launched Pale Rider.

Able to produce different styles and also adapt them, he starts the project with the song Rise Of The Beast introducing hard lows and a sinister aura. For the second production he has collaborated with Mantis in the song called Morning star's fall adding multiple Rock elements and aggressive hits.

One of the songs that has attracted the most attention is Tainted counting on one of the best singer-songwriters of the Hard scene, Diandra Faye. It is not usual to see her in this type of productions and she has executed it perfectly also together with FREAKY in a sound design focused on the Trap & Wave. The group The Arcturians are back in an explosive collaboration with Caster called Verge, running different styles. Finally showing Pale Rider which was the first advance of this project.

It was introduced as a box of surprises in Subsidia Records and he has returned to show everyone his great skills. Enjoy on all platforms Sinner's Sanctum EP by the great producer Caster.

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