CloudNone & Direct collaborate again on "Dream Running"

CloudNone makes his debut on OH2 Records collaborating once again with Direct on the production called "Dream Running".

The perfect team can exist if each one gives the best of himself, and if, in addition, the results are favorable, the work comes out alone. CloudNone & Direct They collaborate once again, becoming the 2020th production that the artists have worked together. Last XNUMX they worked on Told U, via Monstercat where the track was compiled on Guilty Pleasures EP.

It is wonderful to see these artists in action and especially when the work flows and there is nothing that prevents them from moving forward and progressing. This time they have the opportunity to debut on the label of Oliver Heldens, OH2 Records. Presenting the producers the new production called «Dream Running«.

We have seen them work experimenting with multiple concepts in all collaborations to date. With sensitivities of Downtempo, Trance and even they called it themselves as if they had influences from Future Garage. The track in question begins with high notes through piano As if the dream in which you are submerged begins to gain strength. As the song picks up pace and speed is when you are already aware of the dream and you start correr. They know exactly what they want to convey and reflect it through music, making it possible for the perfect team to come true.

We are facing the first track of the next EP that they will release together that without a doubt will not disappoint. Meanwhile, you can listen to the new collaboration of these two great artists on all digital platforms.

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