Common Creation Debuts On WAKAAN With "Tiger Blood" EP

Common Creation makes his first appearance on WAKAAN and debuts with a total of 5 tracks called "Tiger Blood" EP.

Chris Teel is the person hiding under the name of Common Creation. With a few years already in motion within electronic music, and above all, focused on the more experimental and psychedelic Bass, it has burst into music for the first time on WAKAAN. The label belonging to the colossal producer Liquid Stranger, has decided to have the presence of Common Creation within its ranks and it is sure not to disappoint.

Over the years, his productions have varied, however, those mystical touches so favorable in each one of them have allowed the young artist to make a niche for himself on the scene. Among them we can highlight: the remix a Puppet talk from the Californian music producer Flying Lotus, a quite interesting track in its beginnings called Solar Funk, newer things like psychelick & Gold tiger launched in 2017 & 2018 respectively, Manufactured Moments EP with a total of 4 songs together, as well as Lunar Lounge or Silver Sands released in this same year.

Common Creation, Tiger Blood EP, WAKAAN

A good way to break into WAKAAN is presenting a fabulous EP of the caliber of Tiger Blood. The young producer from Atlanta, pushes hard and demonstrates his level of production with these five tracks. Although the bar is very high due to the past releases of LUZCID, Jaenga or TVBOO, the new producer of WAKAAN is ready to stay and get everyone talking about him.

With an EP at the level of the label Liquid Stranger, starts out strong with static electricity from Supplemental Sessions. A powerful production, with distinguished rhythms and a powerful base with electric sounds. Follow said production, an unbeatable Glacial gush. With exceptional strength and power, the abstract absorbs the entire set of sounds from the track.

Lowkey Kick Back is Chris Teel's third creation. With calmer rhythms than in the previous two, he squeezes consistently to show that he is at the level of appearing more times on this famous label.

The fourth and penultimate production is silent sleeper. An environment as if it were an outdoor space and a unique atmosphere, aspire to the listener towards a different world from the one we are used to. Finally, Common Creation close big with Mystic morning. A production more focused on Dubstep, where we observe a robustness and brilliant energy. It is the longest of the entire EP and the one that transmits the most cruelty throughout each minute.

We can now enjoy the new of Common Creation and thus make its debut within the label WAKAAN, with its spectacular Tiger Blood EP. This leap will surely be very productive for his musical career and it is something we hope to see in the not too distant future.