Cyclops Recordings brings the Armageddon

Subtronics Cyclops Recordings record label releases the new Armageddon compilation made up of 18 productions.

The third compilation of the new record label of Subtronics. After the first two compilations under the name of Boot Camp & Planet Cyclops, the Armageddon to Cyclops Recordings. Composed of a total of eighteen famous productions, by emerging artists, they are once again the center of attention.

The artists who participate in this new compilation are some repeat offenders in the discography and others make their debut. You can find in the different 18 songs: UBUR, Subtronics, Codd Dubz, Decimante, Bommer, Paper Skies, Cyclops, LEVEL UP, Echo Drone, Space Wizard, BLVNKSPVCE, JANDI, Psymbionic, Warned, Izzy Vadim, Stoned LeveL, Jeulzzz, Sharploud, Prosecute, Evilnoiz, MUERvctve & SQISHI.

Subtronics, Cyclops Recordings
UBUR & Subtronics - Electric Noudle Soup
Codd Dubz, Decimate & Bommer - Take Down
Paper Skies - Operator
Cyclops & LEVEL UP - Shadow Spells
Echo Drone - Beep Boop
EVVDE - Hellrave
Space Wizard & BLVNKSPVCE - Mind Fluid
JANDI - Corruption Cutter
Psymbionic - Yikes
Warned - Death Rythm
Izzy Vadim & Stoned LeveL - Boot Sequence
Jeulzzz - The Ax
Sharploud - Cyber ​​Monkey
Prosecute - Vandal
Evilnoiz - Potion
Nvctve - The New
DEATH - Summon The King
SQISHI - Zipper Gun

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