Cyclops Recordings releases Planet Cyclops

Subtronics Cyclops Recordings record label releases their second Planet Cyclops compilation with over twenty productions.

At the beginning of December 2020, Subtronics advertised his record label Cyclops Recordings with an important mission. One of the keys he found with the announcement of it was that he had been working for years exploring new sounds. It was also what he managed to transmit through the first compilation called Boot Camp.

After the resounding success of the first release, achieving significant numbers of followers and broadcasts, in addition to the label launch takeover, they continued with new proposals. Among these were Ocean Floor EP by Guppi, Marble Room EP by Space Wizard, Splice Ops EP through a contest, as well as Crummy EP by Snow.

The new mission that was entrusted to him Cyclops Recordings it came after an irruption through social networks with some flight tickets. A large barrage of producers from the bass music scene published a ticket to Cyclops Planet, in which, they reported that on May 7 they would leave Earth. An announcement that generated the expectation of the followers of all the artists, since a new compilation was coming.

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Divided into three volumes, like the first time, these being: High Knees Headquarters, Psychedelic Division & Heavy Artillery. In the first instance, following the same steps with which they provided in the debut, they released on SoundCloud days before.

Through High Knees Headquarters, offer a total of seven productions and seven artists in the volume, including Subtronics, which will be present in two divisions.

First of all, we have the founder himself, Jesse to release Bar Mitzvah Disasters. As usual, it features a totally innovative sound design, within his own signature composition. Transmitting being on another planet while listening to an experimental and supernatural concept. Following with LEVEL UP, is personified with Velvet Crossbow, before devastating sounds, showing the great progression in the study. Third we have JAN DI, offering Crystal Fang, best known for having a devastating design, as also demonstrated in Night Vol.2 Subsidia Records. In this song, he is unleashed by fixing hardness, before an aggressive and firm riddim, with synthesizers that are nailed in the deepest, to rumble Planet Cyclops .

The fourth piece is presented by BLVNKSPVCE & Maahir to liberate Gamma. The combination makes strength and innovation with it, to create radiant melodies in a very contagious riddim. We continue with this compilation to introduce ourselves with Dr Lobster in a magnificent proposal called Headrush, showing the versatility in the genre, offering something other than Dusk Vol.2 Subsidia Records. An accentuated and defined production, as well as creative to drive the listener crazy on any track. Without a doubt, one of the favorite artists by many, and he is Cyclops. The producer releases a song called Nightcrawler, maintaining a strong tension that does not let any sound come out of your head, inserting itself fully into your mind. Ending this first division with emofik in his production called Bad Kids, to a glorious melody like crushing bass like a steamroller.

We continue with Psychedelic Division composed of six productions. The first of all that they offer us is for TYNAN to liberate Draw From The Void, experimenting and taking his sound design to another planet, pun intended. In second place Guppi takes us into abstract sounds with Ransom, adding production genius to the compilation. Perhaps it is one of the songs that stands out the most of all and that also caused a lot of excitement in Park 'N Rave. Subtronics played a House song during the label launch takeover, with an incredible response from the audience and this is raveification by Ripple.

One of the most anticipated collaborations since this second compilation was announced by Jkyl & Hyde and the producer Chassis to liberate Death's Door. The combination of psychedelic sounds joined to the riddim by dark vowels to create a unique track. Another collaboration in the compilation, this time by Wiley, Jordnmoody & Wreckno to present Acids, merging trap, riddim and downtempo. Ultimately of this division, a song to hypnotize you called Phoenix by FLY. The creativity that this division exudes does not disappoint at all.

The moment of the third volume has arrived and expected by many followers, for a special collaboration. The third division called Heavy Artillery, this time consists of nine productions. First of all we have DDD to show God Eater, delivering the first massive bass hits as if the alien ship is firing. The second song is by DVEIGHT releasing with Patience, what could be considered a movie soundtrack in the beginning, as it brings armageddon in the drop through that consistency. On the other hand, thirdly, we go back to Star Wars to get to Planet Cyclops through D'LION to deploy weapons in Tryna Tit In. Deploying all the artillery of Cyclops Recordings, adding harsh bass, in an experimental and energetic riddim.

The fourth position is for Stoned Level and his production called Time to Die reflecting a fierce and heavy cargo. The electric potential comes from the hand of DKKAY & Secrecy with production Voltage to overload the spaceship with aggressive robotic sounds. The producers eliderp & JoeB work effectively in Vexxed, with great versatility and efficiency, as if it were a drone. The bomb Nuclear arrives by AKVMA, while screams of despair of what is coming are heard, as if it were an erupting volcano without being able to get safe from all the elements that come out of it. In the eighth production we have Umbra by the producer Agony, defying all protocols, promoting the achievement of different concepts in the same song.

The moment that many followers were waiting for, the long-awaited collaboration between Subtronics & Ace Aura. Together they work on a massive single called Resist where they have told the story behind the track. Ace aura I already had a really catchy cool WIP, and sent the file to Subtronics and the following week they worked together. Their styles combined very well and their sound designs are very similar.

Jesse, professionally known as Subtronics has a complete story planned for each compilation of Cyclops Recordings. First, Boot Camp, which consisted of recruiting artists to join Cyclops Army, a continuation of his Facebook fan group. It's could say that Planet Cyclops , is the first official mission and as they continue to launch them, they will go on a journey through space with different locations, characters and story arcs. All with the intention of eventually building an entire universe. Planet Cyclops is the home base for everything and this is it introduction.

This has been the second compilation of the many to come from the new record label of Subtronics and the producer is on the way to his debut album. You can enjoy the new compilation on all platforms Planet Cyclops .

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