D-Block & S-te-Fan have "Diamond Hearts" on their "Enter Your Mind" album

D-Block & S-te-Fan release the third production called "Diamond Hearts" from the album "Enter Your Mind" with Ruby Prophet & Bram Boender.

The golden duo of the Hardstyle scene take the third step towards their fourth studio album enter your mind. The producers D-Block & S-te-Fan celebrate their 15 years in the industry with this album that will consist of 16 tracks, of which there will be 8 solo-tracks and 8 remixes.

The first piece they revealed was Believe, played by Diederik's sister, better known as Evelyn and a member of Ghost Stories. A very good production to start the journey of enter your mind, to which the following was the remix to Takin’ Off. The producer and great friend of Diederik & Stefan, Dj isaac, could not not be part of this album. With the responsibility of remixing a classic like Takin’ Off, offered a vision with contemporary sound design.

We enter the fifth week of this trip with the second song from the producers. In this new production called Diamond Hearts they collaborate with Ruby prophet & Bram boender, better known as EXCEPTION. The musical repertoire that Ruby has is amazing, practically all full of anthems. The first song with which he entered the electronic music scene was in 2013 with Audian in the production Circles. That same year Ruby recorded with D-Block & S-te-Fan their first collaboration on the song built this city.

In recent years, Ruby has been echoed throughout the Hardstyle scene before his interpretations. His voice has made many great productions such as Victorious, Take Me Away, Adrenaline or one of the jewels like Living For The Moment. During the episode, Stefan shares that they don't normally work with toplines, because the vast majority of lyrics are composed by themselves, but that of Ruby they were impressed.

During the episode, Diererik plays the song on the piano Diamond Hearts, preceding the study. When Ruby & Bram sent the demo to the duo, it was like a goal, as they are on their list of artists to collaborate with. Caught the attention of D-Block & S-te-Fan right away and they wanted to work with them.

It was an accurate shot, both the vocal performance and the production line by D-Block & S-te-Fan. From the moment they heard Ruby's vocal and lyrics, they knew how to direct and channel the song so that it had the proper melody.

The song feels like a heroic soundtrack conveying hope, strength, and spirit. In fact when they were adding the vowels to the production, Ruby raised her arm like she was a superhero. Just the melodic cut after the performance has a great rise with even more consistency than in the entrance. A totally different piece than Believe, to continue showing that they have an exclusive and personal design. The fourth album enter your mind it's going to be one of the best Hardstyle projects of the year.

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