D-Block & S-te-Fan Release Title Song "Enter Your Mind"

D-Block & S-te-Fan release the title track of their fourth studio album called "Enter Your Mind" via Scantraxx.

The golden duo formed by D-Block & S-te-Fan they take one of the most important steps towards their fourth studio album. Producers have been in the process of launching this new project at the end of April through Scantraxx called enter your mind.

So far, of the 16 tracks that will make up the new album, we have 4. The first of all was Believe, later the remix of Dj isaac to a classic like Takin’ Off. Weeks later came Diamond Hearts and the remix of KELTEK to the golden record Angels & Demons. The first were released in Scantraxx We Create Memories and in the online experience of Intent Festival.

Now it's time to have the title track of the album, enter your mind. The title of the production, as well as that of the album, encompasses the producers' brand, due their music is always elaborated with: passion, energy, emotion and melody. It is a reference to Music Made Addict, being addicted to music, because music is a drug and enter your mind it gets into your brain. It is also one of the most experimental productions they have created.

During the chapter D-Block & S-te-Fan looked back, specifically in 2008, during their debut in Qlimax. Remembering what it was like to attend an event of such magnitude as the best Hardstyle indoor festival for Q-dance. In addition to recalling the process of creating the first album and its relationship with Villain and an anecdote with The Prophet that took a great toll. The founder of Scantraxx ensures that even this new production escapes the usual melodies of the producers.

The song was premiered during the experience Defqon.1 at Home on the new Red Stage. There was no better time than this to present the song, hitting the spot. Diederik mentions that it sounds like a Linkin Park song, plus he's the one who sings the vocal this time. The anthem makers have deployed with this new song something unusual of them, taking out a new facet and above all, different from previous productions. The melody is combined with the kicks in a wild way in the first part and in the second part Stefan came up with a genius for crafting the harmony.

With this new piece we have a total of 5 tracks of the 16 that will make up the new album. Listen on all platforms Believe, Diamond Hearts, Takin’ Off, Angels & Demons and the main enter your mind.

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