Wildstylez remixes "Fired Up" for Enter Your Mind

Wildstylez remixes "Fired Up" for D-Block & S-te-Fan's fourth studio album Enter Your Mind via Scantraxx.

The golden duo's fourth full-length album D-Block & S-te-Fan, continues its course with the release of the eighth song. If we make a summary of all the productions that have been released so far we have Believe, Diamond Hearts, enter your mind & Gates Of Paradise, in solitary.

On the other hand, as for remixes, they have been released Takin’ Off by Dj isaac, Angels & Demons by KELTEK & We Don't Stop (Lights Out) by Warface. The launches could be heard on Scantraxx We Create Memories, Intent Festival & Defqon.1 at Home 2021 . The title track of the album enter your mind, just like the remix of Warface to the song We Don't Stop (Lights Out), premiered in Defqon.1 at Home 2021 .

After the release of Gates Of Paradise, which will compose enter your mind through Scantraxx, D-Block & S-te-Fan, release the fourth remix. For this occasion, they wanted to have the participation of the co-founder of one of the most prestigious record labels on the scene, art of creation. The dj and producer known professionally as Wildstylez, is introduced in the fourth album enter your mind, to remix a production.

The guest and new member for the fourth studio album of the gold duo is one of the legends of Hardstyle, Wildstylez. They begin the chapter between jokes, in addition to knowing each other for more than eight years and, even if it is the 51% of Project One, this song will be released immediately. In addition to constantly remembering the melody of one of the most legendary productions of the producer together with Brennan Heart, Lose my mind.

When they pick up Wildstylez, Diederik asks him about the rate of releases from the previous years. To which he replies that he realized that not performing live had a detrimental effect on his inspiration. Currently, Wildstylez takes three times longer to create a production, longer than usual for it. Also, it was difficult for him to decide which track to remix from the producers. This is because the vast majority of their productions continue to be relevant. So he decided it might be a good idea to remix Fired Up, from the third album Antidote.

Diederik & Stefan were really excited, possibly the remix they were most excited to hear from what we have on an album. They joke all the time, even before showing them the full version, Wildstylez tells them that if they don't like it, he will make another one. And to tell the truth, it has put an incredible twist on it Fired Up, and Diederik tells him that he has used more kicks than in the last three years.

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