JDX remixes "Ghost Stories" by D-Block & S-te-Fan

JDX remixes artists D-Block & S-te-Fan's production "Ghost Stories" for the Enter Your Mind album via Scantraxx.

New chapter in the fourth album enter your mind, by the golden duo of Scantraxx, better known as D-Block & S-te-Fan. They continue to celebrate their 15 years as Hardstyle DJs and producers, with one of the most promising albums of the year, comprised of 8 solo tracks and 8 remixes.

So far they have released solo songs like Believe, Diamond Hearts, enter your mind, Gates Of Paradise, Harder Generation & Fearless. On the other hand, the remixes that have been released have been Takin’ Off by Dj isaac, Angels & Demons by KELTEK & We Don't Stop (Lights Out) by Warface, and Promise Land by Phuture Noize .

After several remixes, bringing new vibes, they go on their way with one of the most unexpected remixes. One of the great legends of the genre as JDX, it also has a hole in enter your mind, with one of the most splendid songs of D-Block & S-te-Fan.

The creator of one of the best productions of Hardstyle of history, makes an appearance. The past 2020, Q-dance held DEDIQATED, and elected live the moment, as the best Hardstyle track of all time. Although the pandemic hit the entire world, it did not stop shining that year.

JDX was also present in the experience of Q-dance Qlimax The Source, collaborating with Headhunterz for release Transcendence. In addition, he has not missed Defqon.1 at Home 2021 with an amazing piano performance. He even appeared on the set of Devin Wild to premiered the song Scream Louder.

Now he reappears to make his mark again this year, challenging himself with one of the most successful songs of recent years, with nothing more and nothing less than Ghost Stories. That's right, the remix of JDX for the album enter your mind of the producers D-Block & S-te-Fan, it's for the song Ghost Stories. Track with which the live acts of the artists together with Evelyn Bakker. And that in addition, it was the production designed for the endshow of Defqon. 1 2018.

He started out as a Hardcore DJ, and in 2001 he listened to the CD of Qlimax and wondered what this was. So he started working with Q-dance and they did the events Teqnology & Qlubtempo. They take a trip back in time remembering great moments from the past of Qlimax.

The chapter begins of course, listening live the moment, and asking him how was the creation of one of the greatest classics of the scene. The vocals of the song, he wanted to put them at 50% tempo, and also asked Evelynif she could re-record for this new version, which she agreed to. He has added violins to the remix and has managed to create an absolutely cinematic remix

D-Block & S-te-Fan have been totally impressed with the result of the remix, with different melodies, vocals, and harmonies. It is a sound experience, as if you were listening to the soundtrack of a movie. Listen to the remix of JDX to the song Ghost Stories, for the album enter your mind through Scantraxx.

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