D-Block & S-te-Fan «Losing Control» at Enter Your Mind

D-Block & S-te-Fan release a new production called "Losing Control" for the fourth studio album Enter Your Mind on Scantraxx.

The Golden Duo D-Block & S-te-Fan, they return to the load for the launching of a new song, destined for the fourth studio album. The project enter your mind, will be released through the record label Scantraxx, composed of a total of 8 solo-tracks and 8 remixes.

So far a total of twelve songs have been released, of the 16 that make up the project. The remixes that have been released have been Takin’ Off by Dj isaac, Angels & Demons by KELTEK & We Don't Stop (Lights Out) by Warface, and Promise Land by Phuture Noize and finally Ghost Stories by JDX.

As for solo songs, they have released Believe, Diamond Hearts, enter your mind, Gates Of Paradise, Harder Generation & Fearless. Now is the time to release song number thirteen of the sixteen that make up the album, under the name of losing control.

The thirteenth chapter begins with a small trip to the past, remembering when they made the anthem of Intent Festival. Adding as after album release Antidote, began to get the recognition they wanted, reaching the Red Stage of Defqon.1.

One of the curiosities that are told in the chapter was the problem they had D-Block & S-te-Fan at Defqon.1 2019. Stefan's laptop was stolen two weeks before the festival, and even though he had a backup, he updated the SD cards. The stage manager realized that they were puzzled and asked them if something was wrong and it was that they had a problem with the audio. The USB did not work in any way, nor the laptop, and finally the USB of the visuals they had, it was executed correctly.

They present the new production called losing control, loaded with different styles. Telling the whole story behind Red Stage de Defqon.1 at Home. They premiered it in Reverze Wake Of The Warrior last September in Belgium, as one of the largest Hard indoor events to date in 2021.

Listen to the new song on all platforms losing control by D-Block & S-te-Fan for the fourth album enter your mind through Scantraxx.

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