Phuture Noize remixes "Promise Land" for Enter Your Mind album

Phuture Noize remixes the production called "Promise Land" for D-Block & S-te-Fan's Enter Your Mind album on Scantraxx.

One of the remixes that nobody expected but that was totally necessary for the fourth album of D-Block & S-te-Fan Enter Your Mind. The journey of the golden duo in scantraxx it gets more interesting with the appearance of Phuture Noize to remix a song by Antidote.

We enter chapter ten of the experience Enter Your Mind making a total of five remixes and five solo productions. Diederik Bakker and Stefan den Daas, known professionally as D-Block & S-te-Fan, celebrate 15 years on the Hardstyle scene with this immersive album.

We have already heard solo songs like Believe, Diamond Hearts, Enter Your Mind, Gates Of Paradise & Harder Generation. As well as the remixes to Takin’ Off by Dj isaac, Angels & Demons by KELTEK & We Don't Stop (Lights Out) by Warface. The last remix that was enjoyed was that of Fired Up by Wildstylez. All these have been released in experiences like Scantraxx We Create Memories, Intents Festival, Shutdown Festival & Defqon.1 at Home 2021 by Q-dance.

The big surprise comes in this new chapter, with the appearance of one of the best producers at this moment: Phuture Noize . Nobody expected this, but this has happened to establish itself as one of the best remixes of the album Enter Your Mind by D-Block & S-te-Fan.

Marco Spronk, known professionally as Phuture Noize , and considered one of the heroes of Hardstyle by Q-dance, appears in Enter Your Mind. Last year, he achieved glory once again with a flawless album called Silver Bullet, in addition to being part of history on the 20th anniversary of Qlimax in experience Qlimax The Source by Q-dance. Paid tribute to Qlimax with the song A New World, reaching the platform Netflix.

This year he has wanted to surpass himself, personifying everything he has learned and showing that he deserves the X-Qlusive more than any other. Has released Electronic Heartbreak EP, divided into two parts, in cooperation with Mark Vayne & Daimy Lotus. Both parts composed in Electronic Heartbreak, were presented in Defqon.XNUMX at Home XNUMX, with songs like Maniac, Violent Storm with B-Front, Keep Loving Me (Tonight) or Blame Game, together with Mark Vayne & Daimy Lotus.

The chapter begins with D-Block & S-te-Fan driving to pick up Phuture Noize , while they talk about it having a unique sound. On the way, they remember one of his productions called Drift Away, and they hum it during the trip. That was the first contact they had with him, when Phuture Noize asked if they could give it support and they played it on Defqon.1. Since then, D-Block & S-te-Fanalthough they began to hear about him very late, they began to discover his entire repertoire.

They talk about when Phuture Noize was a duo, and Stefan jokes that Diederik asks him because he wants to start going solo too. One of the strongest points of his career was the release of the first solo album Pursuit of Thunderas well as the second Black Mirror Society. Thus starting all his performances in the best festivals in the world.

One of the things that has surprised fans the most already D-Block & S-te-Fanis that Phuture Noize had two versions of Promise Land. One of them, he did it the night before they went to listen to it and told them to choose the one they liked the most. First he put the new version to them and it seemed so good that they did not want to listen to the other one, which of course was going to be just as good. The second had more than Phuture Noize and the first according to Stefan, it sounded like The Noise of The phuturethey commented between laughter.

At the end of the chapter, without knowing which version to choose, the fans were in charge of choosing which remix was going to be released. Of course, both versions have been unified in a single remix, combining the best ideas of Phuture Noize . It is possibly the best elaborated remix of what we have on the album, and also, to a production as complex as Promise Land.

Listen to the remix of Phuture Noize to Promise Land for the fourth album Enter Your Mind de D-Block & S-te-Fan through scantraxx.

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