DJ Isaac remixes «Takin’ Off» by D-Block & S-te-Fan for «Enter Your Mind»

D-Block & S-te-Fan continue with the second chapter of their album «Enter Your Mind» with DJ Isaac's remix of the song «Takin' Off».

The fourth album of D-Block & S-te-Fan called enter your mind It has started with great success. Diederik & Stefan, are on their way to release one of the best projects of Hard of the year. As always, each launch becomes one of the forces to be taken into account in the face of live broadcasts, downloads made and of course in the rankings. The duo swept the Q-dance Hardstyle Top 100 last year and they will do it again in 2021.

Producers celebrate 15 years as D-Block & S-te-Fan with the release of a new album. They have been producing Hardstyle since 2004 and they wanted to do something special for this moment. They wanted to do a Tour, but due to the pandemic they ruled out that option and thought about enter your mind. An album made up of 16 chapters, 8 solo songs and 8 remixes by their favorite artists. As they well remarked, each track will have a chapter in which they will show the process of making it. One week after airing the episode, the production will be released.

The first piece they have provided from their third album has been Believe. A first contact where the producers are shown with total transparency, from the beginning until now. Diederik's sister, Evelyn, plays a very important role in this story, as she is the vocalist of the vast majority of their productions. As the first song it has been a full-blown bombshell, obtaining an incredible response from fans and producers of the scene. For the second chapter of enter your mind, will be the first remix.

The person in charge of making the first remix to the album is with one of the closest friends of the producers, Dj isaac. Roel Schutrups has a very good relationship with Diederik & Stefan, it has been seen over the years and they have transmitted it with serenity in the chapter.

One of the best facets of this process until the launch of enter your mind, are the anecdotes that have been leaving through the chapters. If with Evelyn there were several, like singing Stefan for Believe, here are several funny points next to Isaac. As in the previous one, they pick up the producer in his car and during the tour to the studio, they talk about how much they miss the live events. Currently the only thing that can be done is a livestream with three people in front of you, it said Dj isaac, what Diederick replies that it is normal for him ... The three of them laugh, as if nothing had changed for Isaac.

During the chapter, Dj isaac shares how was his first experience with music, mentioning Doe Maar o Michael Jackson. Later he began to listen to Ben Liebrand, whom he regarded as his hero. He always did a mix on the Veronica radio channel and was fascinated by the popular songs it featured. Therefore, he also wanted to do that and at age 15 he made his debut in radio 3. There was a Club near his house, which he is still associated with to this day, and his goal was to play there. They told him that they already had a good DJ and that before he was one, he first had to be a waiter. The first time he got a call for a live set, he was told if he could play Phil Collins, and that it was a terrible experience.

Remember that the first demo him sent to The ProphetIt was because he was going to play in a club in Germany. DJ Isaac was very convinced that he was going to play it, because it was the best he had produced and but he thought he was not going to hear from him. In the chapter appears The Prophet, founder of Scantraxx, who always responds to messages, emails and all the demos that are sent to him. The next day he wrote to let him know that the demo was amazing.

The track he remixes is one of the classics of D-Block & S-te-Fan, called Takin’ Off, released in 2013. For him it is a challenge to make this remix, because the original is really good and the vision he wants to give Dj isaac, it is with a current style. When DJ Isaac is going to show them the result, they mention that Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike sent them a message referencing that it looked like their song Wakanda. They got an email from the record label, adding the part where it looked alike, saying "that's ours." In the first place, they didn't even know what the track was and of course they told him that it was nothing like it.

The vision it offers Dj isaac the remix completely changes the structure of the original, offering current elements. As he already mentioned, it is quite a challenge for him to remix a classic like this, but while maintaining the inspiring melody, albeit slightly edited.

It has divided the production into two parts and oriented to the Reverse Bass and Trap, along with Trappy elements. For Isaac the build-up is very special in the second part of the song and it could be said that it is what the three liked the most when they listened to it together.

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