Warface remixes "We Don't Stop (Lights Out)" for Enter Your Mind

Warface remixes the D-Block & S-te-Fan & Villain production called "We Don't Stop (Lights Out)" for the Enter Your Mind album.

New chapter for the fourth studio album by D-Block & S-te-Fan through Scantraxx. The project enter your mind has already six tracks in total of the sixteen that will make up the album. So far they have been released solo Believe, Diamond Hearts & enter your mind, and remixes to Takin’ Off & Angels & Demons.

This week it's time for a remix by one of the best Rawstyle producers at this moment, premiered during the experience Defqon.1 at Home. The leading Hardstyle promoter Q-dance, offered the last weekend of June as usual an endless number of new music and also, a new remix for enter your mind.

The producers D-Block & S-te-Fan were in charge of opening Red Stage and at the end of their Set, they premiered a new remix that had not been heard until then. The person in charge of that remix was neither more nor less than Warface. Likewise, the creator also premiered the remix in one of the new Stages of Defqon.1 at Home.

Diederik & Stefan already said in recent chapters, that each producer that they would choose for their new album, they were free to decide which remix to make it. The first remixes were by great friends like Dj isaac & KELTEK to productions Takin’ Off & Angels & Demons, respectively. For the third remix, it has been chosen We Don't Stop (Lights Out) by D-Block & S-te-Fan, Villain and the vocal performance of Evelyn.

He is one of the great figures of the Rawstyle and has stood out on the Hard music scene in recent years. The artist has a heart-stopping musical repertoire with albums behind him such as Act of War, The XNUMX Circles, Live For This XNUMX and one of the best sensations with D-Sturb in Synchronized

It is one of the best chapters of the album so far, investigating from when the project began Warface. A large number of fans did not know that this project was composed of two people, carrying out a great artist-producer relationship. The visible face of this project is always Youri Claessens, but never forget that it is also Remco, also known as DJ Triax. Remco confirms in the episode that he started his Hardcore project as Dj triax after finishing university.

On several occasions the figure of Warface has been plagued by negative reviews regarding a misinterpretation by fans. It all started when Yuri planned events in his city, and to finish he booked a Hardcore performance, in this case he booked Remco as Dj triax. Back then, Remco was informing Youri about his new project Warface, that's when he booked as Warface instead of DJ Triax and that was the first appearance as Warface. During that time, Youri visited Remco in the studio with interest about this project and he offered to be part of Warface.

Years later, Remco told Youri that he did not have time to also act as a DJ, so this second took the absolute responsibility of being the only DJ. Nevertheless, Yuri continues to support Remco in production, even if they have two different roles.

Diederik & Stefan trusted first-hand with the great result they were going to have on the remix. In fact this remix was totally planned to be released during Defqon.1 at Home. On the way to pick up Youri & Remco they were more than excited to have one of the great figures of current Rawstyle on the album. An explosive remix with a harsher vision than expected of Warface for the album coming out soon through Scantraxx.

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