Dabin Releases "Feel Like" Before Between Broken Album, Along With CAPPA

Producer Dabin releases the third and final production called "Feel Like" with CAPPA before Between Broken album on Seeking Blue Records.

The electronic music scene is eagerly awaiting the long-awaited third studio album from the dj and producer dabin. He is one of the artists who has grown the most in recent years, and who has earned so much admiration from the industry.

The third full-length album is a great wish by the fans, and he releases the third production, before we hear the full project. Throughout these months, he has made incredible appearances, as in the fourth album of ILLENIUMFallen Embers, and performed on the XNUMXth anniversary of Lollapalooza. In addition, he performed a BXNUMXB with ILLENIUM & Said The Sky at Global Dance Festival, where the song premiered Smoke signals.

Just knowing that Holding On will be included in the album Between Broken, you can already assure that it will be one of the best projects of the year. But not everything ends here, and it is that the first production that he launched, fanned the flames of each one with the launch of Drown. After to Drown, came one of the most acclaimed collaborations, with the song WHEN THIS IS OVER, together with nurko & Donovan Woods.

After the release of WHEN THIS IS OVER, the remixes to Drown & Holding On, and to act in Lollapalooza, returns for the third and last song on the album, called Feel Like through Seeking Blue Records.

Dabin, CAPPA, Feel Like, Seeking Blue Records

This new chapter of dabinwill, of course, mark a before and after in his professional career. He is currently working with his team on new ideas for the visuals of his next shows. And if we add to that the musical experience that he has developed for this new album, it is a great plus. Throughout this year, we will be able to see him at live events such as Lost In Dreams, Escape Halloween, Starbase, EDC Orlando & Las Vegas, in addition to his Tour.

The new song he presents is with the singer-songwriter COOKER HOOD, under the name of Feel Like. She possesses a knack as a songwriter to create true musical gems, through seductive vocals and catchy hooks. The two do an enormous job together, creating a new gem, applied to the sound design of dabin.

The background of Feel Like is about the feelings between two people, conveying that you feel at home when you are with that person. One of the best emotions that we get when you are united with the person you love, personifying all of this through the lyric by COOKER HOOD. The melodic drops and guitar chords, combine in melodic and vibrant synthesizers, making you feel the feelings that they want to transfer to the listeners.

Soon we will have the third studio album called Between & Broken by dabin, but while we wait for more details, listen to the song Feel Like with COOKER HOOD through Seeking Blue Records.

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