Dabin receives 7 remixes to "Drown" & "Holding On" for Between Broken album

Dabin receives seven remixes to his two productions called "Drown" & "Holding On" for Between Broken album through Seeking Blue Records.

The third studio album Between Broken, from the dj and producer dabin is one of the strongest wishes by fans and will be available soon. Meanwhile, in recent months, he has provided two productions as Drown and a long-awaited one next to nurko & Donovan Woods called WHEN THIS IS OVER.

Three months after the launch of Drown, remixes come to this production, including Holding On; which did not have a proper official launch due to the pandemic. For production Holding On only two remixes have been released, instead for Drown, a total of five remixes, through Seeking Blue Records.

The first remix is ​​by yetep, and make it to Holding On, showing great work and a more melodic vision with sharper drops and synths that pierce any heart. Not everything was going to be melodic and that's why it comes Kompany, offering the dark side of the bass and taking a weapon for the stage out of production. With these two remixes, it's over Holding On.

On the other hand we have the remixes a Drown, and the first responsible is one of the deadliest sound designers, Blanke. It offers a melodic and energetic vision, in which it seems that it will be solely under harmony, delicately introducing aggressive bass. Of course, mazare was not going to be left behind either, and provides a perspective of pop punk and drum and bass, innovative and contagious. In fifth place, Effin shows a different sound from the previous ones, with bubbly and melodic textures. The producers sky break & N33T are responsible for providing progressive melodic drops, with a powerful and catchy achievement. Finally, Protostar dazzle the remix pack with a more upbeat and upbeat energy.

While we wait for the long-awaited album of Dabin, enjoy the seven remixes by: yetep, Kompany, Blanke, Mazare, Effin, Skybreak & NXNUMXT and Protostar through Seeking Blue Records.

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