Dabin, Nurko & Donovan Woods Release "When This Is Over" For Between Broken

Dabin, Nurko & Donovan Woods release their long-awaited collaboration called "When This Is Over" for the album Between Broken.

Before we know it, one of the best and long-awaited projects will see the light of day. As we always say that there are many special artists in the industry simply because their way of being invites you to follow them; dabin it is also one of them. The DJ and producer has a great musical repertoire behind him, with nothing more and nothing less than two studio albums. Now he intends to take a step, not a new leap in his professional career, with the launch of Between Broken.

There was a lot of uncertainty as to when the long-awaited third studio album from dabin, and his first collaboration with ILENIUM. This would be included in the fourth album called Fallen Embers of his friend. After that, something happened that many wanted to clear up their doubts, when ILLENIUM & Dabin they did a live on Instagram. A fan asked both of them if a collaboration with nurko to which they answered yes. It was then that in the Park 'N Rave de MitiS by reason of the launch Try from his second album Lost alarms went off. Everyone knew that the performance of nurko he was going to be the center of attention, and he was. The producer premiered Sideways & WHEN THIS IS OVER, his collaborations with ILLENIUM & Dabinrespectively.

After that incredible night, dabin recalled a video in TikTok where he himself comes out playing the guitar the chorus of WHEN THIS IS OVER. That video is from April 2020, inspired by those chords that he played that day to capture them in his collaboration with nurko & Donovan Woods. After several previews of songs I was working on dabin, what we all longed for arrived last April; the first song from his third studio album. Next to mokita, released what would be the first step of his next exciting chapter with Drown through Seeking Blue Records.

Recently announced Into the Wild Tour, in addition to having a presence in very important events of the year such as Imagine Music Festival & Lollapalooza. Now is the time to take the second step, announcing what thousands of people also wanted since that night, the collaboration WHEN THIS IS OVER, for the third album Between Broken.

Dabin, Nurko, Donovan Woods, When This Is Over

Another wish for the followers that this collaboration is a reality. One of the most anticipated productions of the year finally sees the light, being the protagonists Dabin, Nurko & Donovan Woods. The track opens with the same chords as dabin used in his TikTok video, later adding the vocal performance Donovan. The presence of nurko above all, it gives a breath of fresh air to what was once "What solitude sounds like".

The song has a pretty painful context where you used to think this would never end, and when this ends, will we remember how it was back then? A very inspiring and emotional production what the three artists have achieved.

The third album of dabin, called Between BrokenIt will be like many other colleagues, one of the best of the year. You can listen on all platforms WHEN THIS IS OVER with nurko & Donovan Woods through Seeking Blue Records.

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