Defqon.1 at Home 2021: the best Hard experience of the year

Q-dance far exceeds expectations in the second consecutive edition of Defqon.1 at Home for four days of madness.

One of the best experiences of the year is once again outdoing itself for four crazy days. The leading Hardstyle brand brings together thousands of Weekend Warriors from home to enjoy the best artists in Defqon.1 at Home. For the second consecutive year this experience is carried out due to the impossibility of being able to be face-to-face. Defqon.1 it has to be done together or it is not done, we are all a tribe.

With the announcement that next year Defqon.1 will happen to have four days added one more day to Defqon.1 at Home. From June 24 to 27, 2021, the best production and music of the year in Biddinghuizen with more than 100 artists. The big news this year has been the launch of the platform Q-dance Network and the first event has been Defqon.1 at Home. All the Weekend Warriors have been able to see it through the App or on different screens other than the mobile phone

On this occasion, the experience has been paid, as has Qlimax The Source, unless you have a ticket to Primal energy, it would be free. You have also had the option of a discount on your membership, in case you do not want free admission to Defqon.1 at Home.

Defqon.1 at Home

All Sets were recorded in May and as usual in Q-dance, this year's production has been taken to the highest level, more than in the previous edition. The Q for quality remains more present than ever and the price to see this broadcast falls short.

For the first time in the history of Defqon.1, The Gathering it took place on a Thursday. From the 7pm until 3am It took place on the first day of one of the best experiences of the year. One of the great legends of Defqon.1 as Wildstylez opened Defqon.1 at Home from Blue Stage. This edition, the stage is not on the water, but with a breathtaking view of nature with its back to the artist. It was undoubtedly one of the best sessions of the day and they listened to classics, current songs and new music. Between them Warriors, Diamond Hearts, Edge of Darkness, Inner Universe and the premiere of his collaboration with Frontliner called The Unknown.

After the performance of Wildstylez He was followed by another of the veterans as coone to open one of the new large Stages. One of the best structures with incredible illumination when night falls as you could see with Adaro.

The glory of the first day was taken by one of the best duos of the french core: Dr. Peacock & Sefa. The great friends and producers recently released their long-awaited Frenchcore Worldwide 008 composed by Adagio, Everything is a Lie, Inbound & Illusions. Last year they performed separately and this edition they have done together to present Symphony of Freedom in a boat.

To finish The Gathering it was time to move back to Black stage on stage facing the water next to Miss K8. Later and unlike in the previous edition in Wastelands, the sessions are not in the studio but in a new space enabled. The first experience of Nocturnal Asylum it was for Blue Nightparty by Roughstate.

From 11pm to 3am you could enjoy different sessions such as Frequencerz & Delius, Ran-D & Galactixx, Roughstate Alliance, B-Front & Voidax, Adaro & Invector and finally Rejecta & Digital Punk. During intermission for one of the sessions, B-Front approached Digital Punk While the producer also did his other job, apart from music, he is also a tattoo artist. He tattooed the logo of Defqon.1 to one of the great organizers of Q-dance as a symbol of great memories of the festival.

The great sensation of the event came with the beginning of the second day by the golden duo opening the new Red Stage, D-Block & S-te-Fan. They have kept the same structure as last year but adding big changes like introducing cranes to increase the lighting. A 22.500-square-meter puzzle where drones pose a whole new challenge. The creators of anthem Primal energy have released the title track of their third studio album Enter Your Mind. In addition, as they closed the previous edition as Ghost Stories with the song Inside My Head, have closed in the same way.

During the second day all the artists were rotating through the different stages: Red, UV, Magenta, Gold, Silver, Purple, Indigo, Yellow, Black & Blue. A very good way for the live broadcast not to fall into monotony, traveling through the different scenarios and styles, from Rawstyle to Hardcore and Uptempo. Artists such as Audiotricz, Luna, crypsis, The Viper, Malice, DRS, voidax and many more made an appearance.

One of the great surprises of the second day was the presentation of Phuture Noize touching his recent ctrl. Electronic Heartbreak EP but adding something special. After listening to the full extended play with songs like maniac or Violent Storm interpreted by Mark Vayne, he had an ace up his sleeve.

Brought to UVStage not only to Mark Vayne for the Live of ctrl. Electronic Heartbreak EP but also to Daimy Lotus to esc. Electronic Heartbreak Part. two. Four totally new productions with the singer-songwriter were premiered live during one of the best performances of the day.

After that, everything that followed was undoubtedly the best of the day with the performances of Devin Wild, B-Front, Rebelion, Sound Rush 2 //\\ 1 ATMOZFEARS and The Spotlight with Ran-D.

After having an incredible year in 2020, Devin Wild was one of the artists who most deserved to have a place in red-stage. Songs like Broken or his third collaboration with KELTEK called Creature were heard, in addition to the premiere of their collaboration Scream Louder with JDX.

Another of the most anticipated performances of the day and of the year was that of B-Front. Having performed twice the first day with back-to-back alongside voidax and participate in Roughstate Alliance, it was the moment of his solo-set. Unlike last year, this time he has been on the Red Stage to display all the music he has been working on. After hits like Falling, Infinity, Unfold me and the recent violent storm, showed five new songs.

Many's favorite Rawstyle duo made an appearance on Blue Stage to show all its strength, Rebelion. Producers released the past The First Dose showing all their rage and during this year they have displayed Ghost Of Us, Hypnotized or your first collaboration with Sub Zero Project in the song Sinners Paradise. They premiered their collaboration with Warface called Switchblade.

The long-awaited moment of the night came with the performance of Sound Rush 2 //\\ 1 Atmozfears. The brothers are touring Europe holding sessions with The Great Scape and the producer Atmozfears about to release his album with productions like Home or Ghosts. They premiered two collaborations during their session at the beginning and end of the Set.

Q-dance has added a novelty thanks to the introduction of one more day to the experience. For the first time The Spotlight has been carried out on Friday and also in red-stage. The warrior in charge of carrying out this action has been neither more nor less than Ran-D. Participating in this edition also in Roughstate Alliance and doing a back-to-back with Galactixx, makes his solo appearance. He premiered with Le Prince and Sound Rush their new collaboration at the beginning of the Set. In addition to listening to songs like Fight Fire With Fire, Virtual Reality o Dance with the devil.

To end the day, he arrived at Nocturnal Asylum Black Nightparty Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness with DJ Promo, Evil Activities, Nosferatura, N-Vitral, Partyraiser & Bulletproof. Taking over from 11pm to 3am with the best Hardcore.

The good morning of the third day began with the Warrior Workout to prepare the warriors for all that was to come throughout the day. Like the second day, the different artists were rotating through the multiple stages that make up the new edition of Defqon.1 at Home. From DJ Thera vs Geck-O, Rob Gee, Hellfish, Vince up to the legend Zany, Crypton or Lady dammage the first hours.

The arrival of Frontliner to UV Stage was one of the most acclaimed where his collaboration with D-Block & S-te-Fan. One of the productions of B-Frontliner album earrings, Creating Monsters. One of the great performances expected of the event was that of Radical Redemption to Red Stage, where he again showed the full version of Brutal 9.0. Later came the performances of Adrenalize & Bass Modulators where his new production was heard Down The Rabbit Hole.

The most anticipated moment of all the Warriors during the weekend year after year with Power Hour. Unable to live it again, they came up with the terrible and brilliant idea of ​​making possibly the worst movie of all. All the Warriors had a great time, having a good time laughing at how lively and fun it was, and of course remembering great moments from when they were in Defqon.

Rogier Werver, Creative Director of Q-dance share that for them Power Hour it is a vehicle that gives you the freedom to experiment with numerous styles of music and a wide variety of themes and stories. With the lack of this year's physical event, they felt a responsibility to deliver a new mix, packed with a bunch of original songs that formed the basis of the film. They spent 30 days filming, shed some tears and laughed, but most of all, they had the best time of their lives working on one of the craziest projects they have done so far. It gives them an absolute sense of pride and joy to see the response from the fans they missed so much last year, and they are eager to return with Power Hour on Defqon. 1 2022.

Again in red-stage, another of the most anticipated performances such as noise controllers & KELTEK. A new song was heard from KELTEK, besides Angels & Demons Remix, Creature, they pretend, besides Youngblood by noise controllers. The appearance of Sephyx at UV Stage it was surprising because he premiered his collaboration with Headhunterz & Carola. He even premiered a new production called Blackened Heart.

It would be a sin if we did not mention one of the most anticipated sessions of the weekend, Vertile Dimension 2.0. Without going any further it can be perfectly one of the best Sets of Defqon.1, displaying an unparalleled audiovisual experience, as well as a first-rate musical selection. In addition, TNT they were not left behind and showed a great Set with productions like the recent one Rave now.

This year one of the great albums is revealed in which it will surely be if not the best, of the best. The producer MYST came to Blue Stage to present his album Trinity starting the Set with Life Eternal. It was followed later by another of the great sensations such as Warface remix one of the productions of D-Block & S-te-Fan, in addition to listening Obey No More.

At 9:45 pm all eyes were on red-stage to witness the most anticipated Warrior of the entire weekend, Headhunterz. Last year he made one of the best performances in Defqon.1 at Home and the last song he released was Transcendence for the experience Qlimax The Source. Because of this, a great performance was required of the producer and of course, it exceeded expectations. The Set began with a new production of Project One under the name of Million Miles From Home and then his collaboration with Sephyx.

To end the day before the expected end show it was time for Frequencerz and the premiere of his new production The Wolves Are Back. At least up to four new songs premiered during their Set. The end of the day put it Primal Energy Anthem with a heart-stopping fireworks show as usual by Q-dance.

The last day started with the incredible interpretation of JDX with the piano in a space set up exclusively for him around the flags of Defqon.1. Continuing with the same dynamic as the previous days, from Dune & MC Apster, Deepack, Max Enforcer, Mark with a K & MC Chucky to Imperatorz & Invector, Da Tweekaz and many more rotated through the different stages.

Formation Act of Rage & Rejecta was coming true to star in one of the great performances of the day on Blue Stage. A great start to the Set introducing first hand REJECTO FRAGE, QAPITAL Anthem, Till Sunrise Remix and the premiere of the production of Rejecta under the name of Still We Rise. Another of the great appearances on this stage has been that of D- Sturb, besides being his birthday and premiering his new song Blood & Fire.

On the other hand, social networks have been flooded again with the appearance of Sound Rush for the third time on the weekend. Next to Villain have carried out a quarter of The Great Escape culminating with We Come Back Home collaborating with ATMOZFEARS.

The most special moment of the day arrived at XNUMXpm to show the protagonists of Defqon.XNUMX Legends. This year those in charge of doing this honor have been The Prophet, DJ Isaac & D-Block & S-te-Fan. The Warriors have responded with great enthusiasm to those chosen for the performance and have not disappointed at all. A Set full of classics from producers, as well as recent productions such as Rave now or Takin 'Off Remix.

Therefore, it was the turn of the future heroes of the Hard: Sub Zero Project. Producers have provided hits this year such as Obey No More, Halo, A New Beginning and recently Sinners Paradise. The Set has been full of Edits to the vast majority of their productions, thus displaying an incredible desire to see them live and feel those Kicks in the chest.

The last performance has been executed by Adaro & Ran-D, better known together as Gunz For Hire. The artists are about to start a new chapter of this project and they had already been warning of new music during the closing and it has been. Unleashing madness with new productions like Firestone, Mustang, Seek & Destroy or Hard Knock Life.

To culminate the experience of four days of madness, even if it were each at home, the moment of union of all Warriors with the Closing Ritual. A show in which this year they have used the entire venue and stages with the production Warriors; impossible best choice. This has been the last time that thousands of Weekend Warriors will meet from home because next year we will meet again in Defqon.1.

Forever as one Tribe.

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