Q-dance announces Line Up for Defqon.1 at Home 2021

Q-dance announces Defqon.1 at Home for the second year in a row and will take place the last week of June 2021 with more than 100 artists.

Weekend Warriors... Soon we will meet again in our home but one more year, we must wait. So much QAPITAL and Defqon.1 have been postponed to 2022 due to the impossibility of being carried out this year. But that does not mean that we will not meet again, because when the time comes, we will do so with more strength than ever. If you are the owner of a Orange Heart You must know that nothing shall tear it apart.

We have managed to make history with Qlimax, honoring his 20 years by being on the platform Netflix with Qlimax The Source. Let's do it one more time, just like we've done for years. This July 4, 2021, the Hardstyle turns 19, since Q-dance registered the word as a private label. Let us also honor this and celebrate from a distance how many thousands of people enjoy this music.

Q-dance once again shows why they are the best by announcing once again, for the second year in a row, Defqon.1 at Home. After the enormous experience they offered to thousands of Weekend Warriors, they will do it again the last week of June de 2021. Next June 24, 25, 26 & 27, from home but united through music, we will meet again from a distance. Together we have achieved what we wanted for years, four days of Defqon.1 and we will enjoy it from home and next year in person.

Defqon.1 at Home

During the weekend, more than 100 artists will join us and, just like last year, we will have The Gathering y The End Show. In 2020, Defqon.1 Legends was formed by Frequencerz, Ran-D & Wildstylez, this year will be formed by other artists. Like there will be another again Warrior Workout and Power Hour "The Movie".

This time, the online experience will be paid, unless you have the ticket to Defqon. 1 2021 you can see it for free. They will receive an e-mail shortly. If you do not have a ticket for Primal Energy, these will come out on May 27 during The Release.

The event was recorded during May and work has been going on since the last four months for the experience to take place. As usual, the highest quality is the strong point of the leading brand of Hardstyle and there will be five stages.

Production Manager Teun Schilders shares that drones pose a whole new challenge for you. You can't really see what you're doing from the ground. There are four hundred GPS points in front of this podium, along which they have built to the nearest half centimeter. It has been put together as a puzzle of more than 22.500 square meters.

Jonas Schmidt, creative director and co-founder of Q-dance could not conceive of a minor edition of Defqon.1. How are you going to explain 75.000 fans that they weren't allowed to go but 5.000 were? He adds that the event has to be done together, we are a tribe.

Thursday June 24

The Gathering.- Adaro, Coone, Dr. Peacock & Sefa Present Symphony of Freedom, Wildstylez, Miss K8. Hosted by Villain & DV8.

Blue Night Party Hosted by Roughstate.- Adaro & Invector, B-Front & Voidax, Frequencerz & Delius, Ran-D & Galactixx, Rejecta & Digital Punk. Hosted by DV8.

Friday June 25

Fresh Friday.- Atmozfears & Sound Rush Present 2 // \\ 1, Audiotricz Live, B-Front, Crypsis, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Deadly Guns, DL, DRS, Formshift, Hard Driver Presents Chemistry, JDA, Livid, Luna, Malice, Mr. Ivex, The Opening Ceremony, Phuture Noize Live, Ran-D The Spotlight, Rebelion, Stormerz, The Viper, Villain & Voidax.

Black Night Party.- DJ Promo, Evil Activities, N-Vitral, Nosferatu, Partyraiser & Bulletproof. Hosted by Da Mouth of Madness.

Saturday 26 June

Red Stage.- Adrenalize, Bass Modulators, Crypton, Dither, DV8, Frequencerz The Wolves Are Back, Frontliner, Headhunterz, Hellfish, DL, Lady Dammage, Livid, Mad Dog & DJ AniMe, MYST Presents Trinity, Noisecontrollers & KELTEK, Power Hour The Movie, Radical Redemption Ft. Nolz, Rob Gee, Sephyx, Thera vs GECK-O, Unresolved & Cryex, Vertile Presents Vertile's Dimension 2.0, Vince, Villain, Warface & Zany.

UV Night Party.- Demi Kanon, Endymion vs Degos & Re-Done, Primeshock, Sound Rush and more, The Darkraver & Ruthless.

Dominican 27 June

Red Stage.- Act of Rage & Rejecta, Angerfist, Closing Ritual, D-Sturb, Da Tweekaz, Deepack, Dune & MC Apster, DV8, Feest DJ Ruud vs Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd'Rop, Imperatorz & Invector, JDX, Livid, Mark With AK & MC Chucky, Max Enforcer, Open Airbed Concert, Psyko Punkz, Sound Rush The Great Escape, Spitnoise, Villain, The Closing Ceremony, Defqon.1 Legends, Gunz For Hire.

Within electronic music, to the scene Hard he is cared for really well and in all these long months it has been proven. Q-dance, in the same way that other brands focused on the harshest sounds of the scene, have taken care of their followers in the best possible way. Providing them with new experiences to enjoy from home constantly and they have known better than absolutely anyone how to give it.

In the last edition of Defqon.1 at Home a weekend of debauchery was lived, with thousands of music listeners Hard from home alone or with friends. HardstyleRawstylefrench core Hardcore With DJ Sets of the best producers on the current scene is what will be lived again this last week of June 2021.

The Q-dance Hardstyle Top XNUMX, which is carried out annually by New Year's Eve for years they show the best productions Hardstyle of the year, voted by the followers. With the lack of events this year, like the previous one, DJs and producers have no place to show their creations. Well the celebration of Defqon. at Home XNUMX it will be the ideal moment to teach the world new unreleased music. Like Phuture Noize or Sound Rush, they did not have the opportunity to present their albums Silver Bullet & Brothers, respectively, they were able to do it in Biddinghuizen.

Therefore, that weekend more than 100 DJs and producers from Hard they will be able to show the arsenal they have prepared through the live broadcast, as it will probably be one of the few opportunities they will have. The Dj Set he prepared Headhunterz to Defqon.1 at Home it was one of the best of the weekend and, with more reproductions. The best 19 that marked his Set were the intro with the remix of Children of drums to Wildstylez, followed by his song Home, next to Edit a Dj Turn It Up by Yellow Claw. One of the songs, like the album, most anticipated of Project One was The Upside Down, as well as another key moment the remix of D-Block & S-te-Fan a Let The Music Play. Continuing with the Super Bass Mix to Her voice Builder, such as Edit Headhunterz to Zedd's Spectrum.

Project One was transcendental throughout the Set and songs like The Creation Of Artas well as the unreleased song Love Is Not Enough, as well as Move Your Body & Move With The One. The best saga of the producer wrapped the Red Stage with Dragonborn Part. 2 & Dragonborn Part. 3. Without forgetting the Art of Creation family, it could not be missing in his Set Embracing The Madness for the Sound Rush Brothers album. Ending with Our Church, along with one of the best anthems created in the history of Defqon.1, Scrap attack.

The last weekend of June 2021, in which Defqon.1 will be held, we can expect the best and the productions that are candidates for the Top 100 Hardstyle. Even without being in the middle of the year, there are already many songs that can be in the most famous ranking of Q dance. So far this year, they have been released on major record labels such as Q-dance Records, scantraxx, Dirtyworkz o Art of Creation, many of which we will see in the Check these top 100, just as they will be one of the most listened to that weekend.

Sub Zero Project are sweeping so far with HALO, like Sound Rush & Rebelion en Hypnotized, like the latter in Ghost Of Us. Sound Rush, touring Europe with his project The Great Escape and releasing Break My Fall. The return of noise controllers with They Pretend after long months of inactivity. The duo D-Block & S-te-Fan, with his third album Enter Your MindIt will be one of the most anticipated performances. The young man Devin Wild recently broke up Q-dance Records with his single Broken. B-Front may well be one of the artists that will be expected the most from him in Defqon.1 at Home with a wide range of previously unreleased songs; so far they are already released Falling & Unfold me. Phuture Noize he is working on his Electronic Heartbreak EP, which will see the light this summer of 2021, as well as Sefa & Dr. Peacock are in the making of an EP.

An incredible number of artists who are working to give their best so that when the weekend arrives, so desired by the Weekend Warriors, be a non-stop. The timetable for each of the 4 days of the festival is now available.

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