Defqon.1 reveals its Line Up for Primal Energy

The festival par excellence of the Hard panorama, Defqon.1, advance your line-up for your edition 18. In addition, the pre-registration begins, with which you can buy the tickets the next day 27 (tickets with camping or hotel) and the Winners will be announced in March (normal tickets). On the other hand they have published new interviews with mc villain, Sub Zero Project, N-Vitral, Adrenalize, Da Mouth of Madness, Crypton, Sefa o D-Block & S-te-Fan. It has also been revealed that D-Block & S-te-Fan have been in charge of carrying out the anthem of this edition «Primal energy«.

There will be 13 stages, including the main genres and sub-genres of the Hard style. On Friday first we can enjoy The Gathering, in the tents Black (Peacock in Concert, Partyraiser and Noize Suppressor) and Blue (D-Block & S-te-Fan, Frequencerz and Wildstylez) from 20:00 to 01:00. In these two tents a spotlight will be held to close The Gathering, in the Blue stage they will be Sub Zero Project and in black stage, N-Vitral.

There are several novelties in this edition, the first announced has been "The Tribute" which will be held on Friday night and «The wasteland«, 3 areas in which we will find music during the 3 days of the festival.

Network stage: On the mainstage of Primal energy one more year the great ambassadors of the Hard will concentrate as ATMOZFEARS (This is my story), Demi Kanon, Coon, noise controllers,Sound Rush, Headhunterz, Keltek, Frequencerz, Gunz For Hire, Phuture Noize , Wildstylez, D- Sturb, Da Tweekaz, Primeshock, Rebellion, Zatox, Warface, Psyko Punkz, Ran-D, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Dj Isaac, Code Black, Atmozfears, Defqon 1. Legends, Ghost Stories (Live) and Headhunterz. Also remind you that in this stage they take place The Power Hour y The Closing Ceremony.

Black stage: Merging the darkest sounds For all Hardcore heads, we will be able to find DJs / producers like Anime this year, Broken Minds, Nosferatu,Miss K8, F. Noize, Spitnoise, The Satan, Wasted mind, Tha Playah, DRS Live, Dither, Deadly Guns, I: gor, Andy the core, Destructive Tendencies, Mad Dog, Korsakoff, D-fence, GPF, Pauhe Elstak, Frenchcore Family, Angerfist, Audiofreq and Partyraiser & Bulletproof.

Nosferatu- Black stage 2019

Yellow stage: ¿french core, Terrorcore o Uptempo? If you find it difficult to decide, calm down. Yellow stage offers these three subgenres in the best possible way with € lit € Live, D-Frek Live, Hard Effectz, Lady Dammage & MBK, Mr Ivex, Shock-n-Destroy, Shurikan, The Angernoizer & Cryogenic Show, The Dark Horror, The dope doctor, The Sickest Squad & Floxytek, Vandalism, Barber, Billx, Crypton, Le bask, Deathroar, Noisekick, Radium & Sjammienators.

Blue-stage: El Rawstyle It is the main dish of this great stage, together with the Black stage they make up the two largest tents of the festival. Those in charge of making you dance will be Act of Rage, Adaro, E-Force, Invector, Clockartz, Degos & Re done, Killshot, Myst, Ncrypta, Rooler Live, Thyron, Rejecta, Hard Driver, Apexx, B-Front, Crypsis & Regain, Deetox, Delete, Digital Punk, Malice, Radical Redemption, requiem, Unresolved and Vazard Presents 10 years of Spoontech.

Gold stage: Are you ready to take a leap into the past? Millennium and Early Hardcore They are the great protagonists of the Gold stage. Get ready to enjoy the sessions of some DJs like Dano, Frantic Freak, Gizmo, Party Animals, Rob Gee, The Raver, Vince, Waxweazle, Buzz Fuzz, Critical Mass, Amnesys, dj promo, Kasparov, JDA, Mad Dog, Nosferatu, The Viper and Weapon X.

Silver stage: Same as him Yellow stage, this stage is not suitable for sensitive ears. In this stage the most industrial sounds of the festival will be heard. In it they will be: N-Vitral & Dither, Ophidian & Thrasher, Strange Arrival & Sacerdos Vigilia, The Outside Agency & AkiraManu Le Malin, The Clamps, Penta, death machine, Hellfish, Scream & Tymon, Celsius Live, Dolphin, Nick Moody & Know VA, Ruby my dear Live, Somniac One and The Relic.

Magenta stage: Early Hardstyle As a way of life, if this is the case in your case, you will not be able to miss these sessions. Your line-up will be: A-Lusion, Adaro, Daniele Mondello, Deepack, Donkey Rollers, Frontliner, Geck-o, Haze & Abyss, Josh & Wesz, Luna, Alpha Twins, Baba, Bass-D, Dana, Franky Jones, Pavo, Sunny D and Super Marco May.

UV stage: For lovers of euphoric Hardstyle, Defqon.1 has returned to prepare two days full of this. Adrenalize, Atmozfears & Sound Rush, The Pitcher, Andy Svge, Audiotricz, Bass Modulators, Emphasis, Frontliner, Rebourne, TNT, Wasted Penguinz, Retrospect, Jay Reeve, Bass Chaserz, Dj Isaac & The DarkraverDarren Styles The Prophet, Feest DJ Ruthless, Mark With A K, Zany, The Z, Outsiders and Altijd Larstig & Rob Gasd'rop will put the most melodic touch of the festival.

Indigo stage: If the Rawstyle is a little "short", this festival offers you a stage XTRARaw with Chris One, Cryex, Crystal Mad, D-attack, High Voltage, Imperatorz, JNXD, Level One, Mind Dimension, Riot Shift, The Purge (Album Showcase), Vertile, Aversion, Bloodlust, genox, Jason Payne, Luminite, Neroz, Rvage, Sickmode, and Voidax.

purple-stage: The stage of the new talents of the Hard scene, where you can see Broken Element, Damian Ray, Ephoric, K1, Mortalis, Scarra & Vasto, Shockwave, Vertex, Amentis, Dayah, Major Conspiracy, Radiance, Rogue Zero and Subraver.

The Wastedlands: The new three areas of Defqon.1 will have this line-up: Andy Svge, Deluzion, Attack & Beto, D-Stroyer, Hardfunction, De Nachtbrakers, Dj Isaac, Jones, Lady Faith, Mandy, Ransom, Thyron, The Straikerz, Ressurectz, Prox, Sickddellz, Stormez & Blame Noise, Dana, Luna & Pila & Pavo, The Darkraver, Gizmo, Vince, Basspunkz, Imperial, Never Surrender, Unfire, Avib, Ecstatic, Envine, Scabtik, Crude Intentions, Dr Rude, Lost Identity, Plug 'n Play, Artifact, Enemy Contact, Juliex, Unproven, Element, Kruelty, Mind Compressor.

On Sunday there will be 4 different activities: Breakfast Champions, Warrior Workout, Brunch at the red and a morning concert with Sefa. This year the festival will feature the presence of 7 Spanish DJs: Broken Minds, Wasted Mind, Lady Dammage, MBK and The Straikerz.

As we explained at the beginning, today you can pre-register for the purchase of tickets for this 18th edition. Ticket prices start from € 175 (3-day ticket with camping) or day tickets from € 91. There are many ways to enjoy this great festival and Q-Dance offers many options for it. For more information you can visit our guide.