Q-dance launches Defqon.1's Power Hour The Movie

Q-dance launches one of the key moments of Defqon.1 with Power Hour The Movie through the Q-dance Network platform.

Last June 2021, the leading Hardstyle promoter Q-dance, offered an incredible new experience in Defqon.1 at Home. Four days at home enjoying the harder styles, united all Weekend Warriors from home, simulating the experience to Defqon. 1 2022.

One of the key moments, and annual, that give rise during Defqon.1, is the 60 minute duration, better known as Power Hour. A mix that is enjoyed in Red Stage and organized by festival residents, such as Deepack & Villain. It is one of the key moments of the weekend, in addition to the endshow, it is also one of the ties of union between all the Weekend Warriors, during that hour of pure energy. A fully choreographed show with over 120 songs, dozens of dancers, fireworks, and inflatables. During that hour, more than 60.000 festival goers gather at the Red Stage.

In 2020, fans of Defqon.1 could not live that experience again due to the impossibility of carrying out the festival. The brand Q-dance offered in the first Defqon.1 at Home, a video with the best moments of the past 6 years during Power Hour. This year, we believed that we would be able to return home but life has gone wrong again, and we will have to wait again. That is why the experience Defqon.1 at Home returned last June.

One of the most unusual and crazy ideas they ever had Deepack & Villain for this year it was to make possibly the worst movie. A new alternative to make fans feel like a different experience than the one the Weekend Warriors are used to, in Defqon.1. During the last 8 months, Q-dance has been working on the best digital experience, turning out to be Power Hour The Movie. The film contains more than 30 scenes, each with its own setting and soundtrack. From Pirates of the Caribbean inspired by "Hardstyle Pirates" with Da Tweekaz until a new version of the Spaghetti western of the left-to-right moment. A journey that takes you to madness and that knows no borders.

Power Hour The Movie

It was one of the most anticipated moments of the last edition of Defqon.1 at Home 2021 , where thousands of Weekend Warriors from about 115 countries around the world, enjoyed the experience. Even though we were all far away, it was another bonding moment between all the fans.

For the organization, Power Hour is a vehicle that gives you the freedom to experience numerous styles of music, a variety of themes and stories. With the lack of this year's physical event, they felt they had a responsibility to deliver a new mix, riddled with original songs.

They spent 30 hectic days of filming, between tears and laughter, but they had a great time working on one of the craziest projects. It gives them a feeling of pride and joy to see the response from the fans who have missed so much and cannot wait to Defqon. 1 2022.

The film Power Hour is available through the platform Q-dance Network, where if you access the membership you can enjoy exclusive content. From interviews, DVDs, Sets from past editions to the monthly Hardstyle Top 40. The App has a great advantage, and that is that you can access the purchase of tickets up to 48 hours before the global sale. Thanks to this, many fans have been able to acquire the long-awaited ticket for Defqon. 1 2022.

For more information you can access the official page of Q-dance and acquire the membership for the platform. Enjoy Power Hour The Movie and a constantly growing archive filled with exclusive content.

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