Demien Sixx releases "The Eyes Of Tomorrow" EP

Demien Sixx shares with the world a storm titled "The Eyes Of Tomorrow" EP made up of a total of five productions.

The New York DJ and producer, known professionally as Demien Sixx and founder of Demsix Records, releases the first EP of 2021. His name is easy to remember in the crowd and the producer hasn't taken long to build a solid fan base.

He has a sound design that fuses Dubstep, Electro House & Trap, sculpting a characteristic sound; consisting of a drum machine, tight rhythm sections, and bass walls. His music is about engaging the crowd and releasing energy, whether from home or on stage. He has been producing music for years, with songs like Thunderdome, Savage Wasteland or Feed The Zombies, to mention from the first to the recent ones.

In 2019 he managed to expand his musical repertoire by releasing his second album entitled Maximum Overdrive, after his debut in 2012 with Rage in Zombieland. This year he doesn't want to slow down either and releases an EP titled The Eyes of Tomorrow.

Demien Sixx, The Eyes Of Tomorrow EP

The EP consists of a total of five productions, merging the concepts mentioned above. The first of all is Universe, where he shows a fierce and demonic side, with satanic elements. He personifies hell on the bass line to solid, defined sounds. On the other hand, Stellar addiction colaborates with Fried to give the EP more versatility against heavy rhythms. As a third song, reach glory in astral vampire with Creator, creating a melody and soundscape of a movie. In this production they establish another sound design oriented to the Midtempo, without neglecting the massive bass. It could not be otherwise if it is not Devastation, where he unleashes the power of the Eyes Of Tomorrow in the same production.

To complete the EP, he has included a remix of zardonic for production astral vampire. The producer of Drum 'N Bass's Metal-oriented sounds takes a different approach to the original song, providing a more defined remix. He manages to simplify it and take it to a personal level, thus creating an emotional remix.

A new project to the musical repertoire of the professional career of Demien Sixx called The Eyes of Tomorrow EP, now available on all platforms.

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