Devin Wild reappears with "ACID" EP on Scantraxx

Devin Wild distinguishes himself once again with a new 4-track compilation called "ACID" EP through Scantraxx.

Devin Wild is a powerful producer from Holland. His weakness from Hard, has led him to become one of the most distinguished artists on the scene. Dion Mons, a talented young man, has reached the top and has no intention of getting off.

His great feats as an artist have allowed him to be part of Line Ups of great festivals in the world such as: Defqon. 1 At Home, Airport Festival in its Outdoor edition, the most important Belgian event Reverze of 2021 where he stood out considerably with a huge set or the next event of REBiRTH, known as REVELATiON, among many others.

This year, Devin Wild he is in great shape. Throughout 2021, he has released several remarkable tracks. Among them we have the collaboration with JDX and the singer's voice Anvy who got the name of Scream Louder, the production together with KELTEK & Diandra Faye known as Creature, as well as older themes such as Into The Night, Device or Everlasting in solitary. Since he burst onto the scene in 2014 signing for Scantraxx, has only made listeners wow with its remarkable production quality.

Devin Wild, ACID EP, Scantraxx

ACID EP is a roller coaster of emotions and different sounds, where the young Dutch producer demonstrates his high experience in creating new melodies. The EP is released through Scantraxx, where great recent productions have seen the light as they are Echo by KELTEK, Ghost Of Us by the Scottish duo Rebelion or even We The People with Lady Faith.

ACID is the name given to the first track of the EP. A high-pitched voice welcomes everyone to join in on a journey before fading with each passing second. A tension builds up and grows slowly, to give rise to a very forceful bass that introduces us to a central melody, giving rise to a quite euphoric drop where he shows his skills on the Hard.

The second song is called It's Okay. An introductory voice, once again, sends us towards a first progressive drop, where the rhythm gradually accelerates. The eventual large number of bass is ruthlessly inhumane, a signature staple. Devin Wild.

Then comes Hypernova, whose melody takes the reins of the EP. The narrator informs the audience that a new destination has been reached, to be quickly replaced by a rather forceful kick. A central part rooted in the rhythms of the Drum & Bass, leads us back to a second drop with intense and palpably raw energy.

And now to finish and leave the bar high in Scantraxx, the producer invites us to enjoy with Eternity, the final piece of this fabulous EP. The story continues to let the listener know that they are now beyond physical form and thought, entering eternity. An imposing melody worth savoring, it leads us towards a final climax of emotions, with a solid and tenacious drop, ready to destroy the eardrums of the fans.

You can now enjoy on all digital platforms of ACID EP, the new ingenious work of Devin Wild, who does not plan to move away from the top of the Hard.