Dion Timmer starts a new era with "Arcane" EP

Dion Timmer ushers in a new era with Arcane EP comprised of a total of seven productions across Subsidia Records.

Newly, Subsidia Recordsare the stars of the week, with the launch of a EP. So far the EPs that have been released have been FiSSiON EP, To The Grave EP y Broken EP. In addition to the second parts of Night, Dusk y Dawn. And currently in the process of launching the third volumes with Night y Dusk already launched you are waiting for Dawn.

One of the most anticipated productions and that the fans longed for so much was released. The crude collaboration between Dion Timmer & Luciicalled All My Thoughts. Repeating the same play and well done, as was done with Sullivan King and yetep, Dion Timmerpresents the fourth EP en Subsidia Records.

Excited for the launch of the same and announcing that this EP it would mark a new chapter in his professional career. Releasing music from 2014 and making an immense niche in the industry and having the great support of Excision. In this new project, the dj and producer initiates a new era by combining the boobs as well as the reality.

Dion Timmerconsiders that it is one of his projects more « organic»In which he clarifies that it is possible that all songs lack the crazy rave sensations as in previous projects. But he has still tried to give him the feeling «Dion«. The EP collaborations have been made over the years and I wanted to reserve these for future projects as Enter Achroma Albumit was an original piece. All of them have been done through the Internet, except for collaboration with G-Rex, because they live nearby.

"Arcane" shows off this mysterious, almost alien underwater world on the visual side. You can almost take Achroma, the city, and just zoom out and slide over to the wilderness into the ocean. It's the same dimension, and there's so much more to it than that city.

Dion Timmer

He has wanted to express and explore in this new EP. Perform melodies that sit between the «artificial" and the "organic»With previously unused instruments and synthesizers. He himself has been limited with his art in how to portray and express it. For this reason, he clarifies that sticking to a single style throughout your career will eventually make you unhappy.

In the title of the song of the EP he takes us fully into what he wanted to convey through this new era. As if submerging you under this new design that he has created combining a distortion between what is outside and inside it. With "Ikari»Works together with G-Rex y Armanni reign, without neglecting that feeling "Dion" as he said. The composer Azuria skyaccompanies you on this new journey through « Haunt me»Where it pokes with tense bass and sounds coupled with broken glass in the background. In "Amsterdam»Releases the new facet that the producer had been saying together with the collaboration with Excision y Monika Santucciin « Broken Pieces«. Finally next to Teddy Killerz, unleashes the most distorted and sensitive part of Drum 'N Bass with «rediscovery«. Also offering a Virtual Set through Twitch and Arcane Mix.

The new era of Dion Timmerjust started at just 21 years old. Enjoy the new project on all digital platforms.

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