Dirty Audio returns to Bassrush with “No Stoppin” featuring GOLD

Bass legend Dirty Audio joins forces with hip hop artist GOLD to create “No Stoppin” under Bassrush Records.

In a short amount of time, Andrew Assatourian (professionally known as Dirty Audio) has made a huge name for himself in the electronic music world. Both dynamic and sophisticated, his signature sound has constantly evolved around one common theme: heavy bass. His hard work and dedication has led him to become a household name across the globe; basshead or not, you’ve most likely heard his name before.

His musical career took off in 2016 with his track Gettin' That en Mad Decent, the famous label of Diplo, and since then his path has only grown. That track introduced Dirty-Audio and his capacity to the world; it represented a discovery of a new realm of electronic music that resonated with fans who were crossing over from genre demographics. His unique and distinct style led to many releases with some of the industry’s most respected labels, including Mad Decent, Ultra, Dim Mak, Bassrush, Monstercat, Barong Family and many more. Dirty-Audio can now can add another Bassrush release to his impressive list with his latest song No Stoppin, a collaboration with GOLD.

We are introduced to the track with a hypnotic melody, quickly followed by GOLD's powerful vocals. hese vocals ground us as everything intensifies; more synths and drums are added, creating a huge tension right before the drop. “Ain’t no stoppin” is heard right before this drop, which will surely transport you back to the earlier trap days. Containing that classic, distinguishable and powerful trap synth, this track is perfect for a huge festival crowd.

Constantly evolving and pushing limits, it’s been made clear that Dirty Audio is staying for the long run.We are very excited to see what both he and GOLD have in store for us in the future. Listen to No Stoppin on Spotify, available now on all digital platforms.