Dirty Audio returns to Bassrush with "Take Control" EP

Dirty Audio returns to Bassrush Records for the release of "Take Control" EP consisting of a total of three productions.

In the short time since his initial rise to stardom, Dirty-Audio, also known as Andrew Assatourian, has been a force to be reckoned with. His own signature sound has emerged as a sophisticated, dynamic sound with a punchy bass theme.

We recently saw him impress on the record label Bass Rush Records, with the release No Stoppin, together with GOLD. Once again, we have him back to surprise all fans with Take Control EP, made up of a total of three productions.

Dirty Audio, Take Control EP, Bassrush

The goal of this EP is to take control of whatever situation you find yourself in, and don't stop. Keep pushing every day and always have faith, support what you produce and believe, share the producer Dirty-Audio.

The first song is the one he recently revealed with GOLD, under the name of No Stoppin. After the full EP is released, two new, previously unheard productions are added. Consequently, the main song is unlocked. Take control and finally Tell Me. Demonstrating once again the qualities and abilities that he possesses in the study.

Listen now on all platforms Take Control EP by Dirty Audio, already available through Bassrush.

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