Dirtybird Announces CampINN Festival Line Up For 2021

Dirtybird launches the Line Up of its 'CampINN' festival to be held from May 14-17 in Orlando, Florida.

Next May 14 and 17, Dirtybird CampINN it will definitely make your feet hurt. Founded in 2005 by Claude vonstroke, Dirtybird, started out as a record label. It quickly attracted the attention of house and techno lovers around the world; people were drawn to the unique and creative sound the label had. Today, Dirtybird has become one of the most important house music labels in the world. From powerful songs and albums to organizing hugely successful festivals. With life after the pandemic slowly becoming a reality. The new Dirtybird festival called CampINN it will be the perfect entrance to this new life.

Big or small, the team of Dirtybird he never ceases to amaze with the lineups of his events. At first glance, the lineup of Dirtybird CampINN it is shocking and exciting. It almost feels like a dream due to the lack of festivals last year. Founding father introduced Claude vonstroke (and aliases Barclay Crenshaw) and veterans of Dirtybird as Shiba San, Legend Armstrong, worthy, Walker & Royce y gettoblaster. Along with newer names like Nala, Arnold & Lane, ERNESTO, VNNSA, freqish, Danny goliger y Victoria Rawlins.


Artists from across the spectrum house y techno will play in CampINN; one can get groovy and funky with Pillowtalk, Mikey Leo, S System, Whooligan, Soul Clap, Justin Jay, Color Vision y Nasser Baker. And then get a nice energy boost with ardalan, Tea Mike B, dipzy, DJ E-clips, Richie Panic o Gerry Gonza. Plus Gina Turner, Lenny kisser y Treasure Fingers. Let's not forget the two B2B sets of the lineup: Bruno Furlan vs DJ Glen y Lubelsky vs Wyatt Marshall. Be sure to watch out for The Great Bingo Revival Also, since he will not stop entertaining.

Dirtybird CampINN will also bring fans a taste of the origins of music house. With artists like Derrick Carter, DJ Holographic y Gene Farris. It's amazing to see a mix of legends that helped create and shape the world of music house and new and unique talents. How can they be Codes, Two tails, Black V-Neck, choopsie, subset, Robot Love, Contribute, The danger Bunting, Hot Jar y Taylor bratches.

Along with the wonderful house music, 2LiveCrew will bring a bit of hip hop to the experience Dirtybird CampINN. From Miami, Florida, this group originated in the 1980s. And they (along with artists like Dj godfather y PZB Live) will bring that energetic hip hop energy to the audience. Adding to the uniqueness and versatility of the music at this festival. Speaking of versatility, we must mention artists like tokimonsta, Mr Carmack, Tsuruda y Tiedye Ky, which will add a more experimental bass music feel to the lineup.

Due to the difficulties that COVID-19 has caused in the music industry. Live events, much less music festivals, seemed like an unattainable goal last year. However, with the vaccination process, the possibility of live entertainment is beginning to be seen with enthusiasm. Dirtybird CampINN It will be the first post-COVID-19 festival for many attendees, something really exciting.

When attending a single event of Dirtybird, one can tell that there is something different about this label that stands out. They make it clear that good music and fun is their top priority, something we sadly don't see much of today.

For more information and ticket sales, you can access the official website of Dirtybird.