DMVU unleashes "The Chain" EP on WAKAAN

DMVU release his long-awaited "The Chain" EP through the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN composed of eight songs.

The long-awaited full-length EP by the producer DMVU, finally sees the light through the record label of Liquid Stranger. At the beginning of July towards his return to WAKAAN, surprising all the fans, with the release of the lead track, peach smoothie. Now is the time for everything elaborated to be admired by everyone.

An extensive work of art under the name of The Chain, composed of a total of eight musical pieces. The artist DMVU, makes you travel through various cinematic and dystopian dimensions, altering your reality. Filled to the brim with vibrant bass lines, dynamic frequencies, and drops of all styles. Becoming for it The Chain EP, into an auditory masterpiece.

DMVU, The Chain EP, WAKAAN, Liquid Stranger

The first piece of music with which he opens The Chain EP, it's with erythraeum, in which in itself it already induces you to close your eyes. The journey is about to begin, and you slowly hear how something great is to come, through sinister laboratory sounds, and screams. An introduction, with a lot of suspense for everything that lies ahead.

We arrived to harmonicc, placing ourselves in an introspective framework through environmental and nostalgic influences. It feels very peaceful, when in the intro it seemed like it was going to be too dark, but as the song progresses you start to change your mind. All the sinister feelings we had at the start of The Chain EP, come true mid-song, with fateful textures. It is like feeling the light and the dark, in the same production.

Then introduce the main song peach smoothie, with which he made his long-awaited return, surprising fans. Fourth, we have Pull lurking, personifying itself as evil, adding strong distorters and corrupting the listener. Electric sounds continue with Bacc Up Quicc, making you feel the heat of the lasers, metaphorically speaking, on your own skin, through massive blows.

The journey feels more exciting when you get to Chain On My Neck, completely undoing the strings, and executing a scorching sound design. It's like being in hell and every so often it comes back to pouring corrosive acid on you, setting fire and accelerating your heart rate to the limit. The same through Lunch Money, executing a catchy sound design that you are not able to free yourself from. Ending the trip with Space Is Very Big, before voices from other dimensions, and blows out of this world.

Everything we wanted, is in The Chain EP, by the producer DMVU, now available on all platforms, through the record label of Liquid Stranger WAKAAN.

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