Don Diablo returns to his roots with "Eyes Closed"

Don Diablo, one of the biggest producers on the international scene, presents his fourth single of the year called "Eyes Closed".

The founding father of future house continues his high rate of releases. "Eyes Closed" is a production of the highest level that further consolidates his position as genre pioneer. Having been played by various artists in the days leading up to release, we could listen to it on the Episode 322 of your Hexagon Radio. With a main female voice, which makes us enter into dynamics with the track, and two intense drops with the same vocal, "Eyes Closed" will make all Don Diablo fans go crazy.

In the last month, Don has proven to be a very "chameleonic" artist. Has been able to show two major releases from two very different ends of the musical spectrum. From the gospel "Problems" with JLV and John K, to pop production "Falling For You". The latter is part of your project Camp Kubrick, inspired by the XNUMXs with Denzel Chain. The HEXAGON boss knows how to deliver a hit no matter the genre, making him an even more complete artist.

Making his crypto-art debut last month, Don Diablo entered the scene through the front door with his revolutionary concept NFT, which allowed him to create a hybrid between the world of digital and physical art like never before. The sale of his Genesis NFT - which sold for an unprecedented amount of $ 200.000 on SuperRare- gave talent and tastemakers a glimpse inside Don’s creative vision. Don is ready to show the world the video accompaniment of «Eyes Closed», which will be presented soon. Stay tuned to his social media to be the first to find out about his news!

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