DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, MATT DOE, Mike Danglez & REMETI join forces in "Mirage"

DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, MATT DOE, Mike Danglez & REMETI are working on a mega collaboration called "Mirage" through Subtle But True.

The artist management company Subtle But True founded by Steph Landreville in 2020, it captures all eyes this week. Steph is a music lover who has turned her passion for music into a successful career in Artist Management.

Subtle But True prioritizes mental health in all its daily activities and focuses on discovering, nurturing and developing talent to its full potential. They aim to create a quality experience for artists, fans, and everyone they connect with along the way.

Proudly representing a talented group of artists comprised of DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, matt doe, Mike Danglez & REMETI. she looks forward to seeing all of her dreams come true as her journey with Subtle But True runs its course. The artists of Subtle But True come together to create a single piece called The Mirage,. They seriously considered what to do with this track, as they thought it would be fun to challenge each other


This production is the perfect representation of teamwork. Steph is very proud to represent such a talented team and is honored to have been allowed to represent them as artists. Besides that they trusted her to release this song.

First we have to DRAGOS, a dj and producer born in Romania and raised in Europe as well as America. From a young age surrounded by electronic music and it was when he moved to Canada where he found his true passion for mixing and production. His style incorporates Hip-Hop, Trap, Dubstep, Drum & Bass & House in a very unique way providing a lot of diversity and originality.

In second place are Alexis and Julien, professionally known as Fools Of Wisdom. They are a duo from Canada and have been best friends since high school. In 2017 they undertook this musical journey together organizing their own events and became known on the local scene. They have had major releases on major record labels such as Dim Mak with the track ANUBIS.

On the other hand, we have matt doe, a Canadian DJ and producer who has quickly made a name for himself in the bass music scene with his unique sound design and endless studio inspiration. He was present at the debut release of Subsidia Records with one of the best songs called Something More Than This.

Third is the ambitious producer better known as Mike Danglez and from Gatineau. Reflecting his passion for music from a young age but it wasn't until his early 20s that he started producing Dubstep. In 2020, he released his first EP No Boundaries truly embodies a mix of all the musical genres that inspire him.

Finally we have REMETI, a Montreal-based dj and producer with dark and experimental sound design. Deliver well-built harmonies while having sufficient knowledge of the underground music scene. Use her sound design education to stay one step ahead of the game. She is constantly learning and developing her craft in the studio.

The five of them come together for a mega collaboration, garnering huge support at the time it was announced. Four minutes of explosive melodies with a frenetic rhythm non-stop from start to finish. It is a roller coaster of constant emotions in which you spend more time on top than bottom.

You can listen on all Mirage platforms by DRAGOS, Fools of Wisdom, matt doe, Mike Danglez & REMETI.

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