Drove release "Peace Of Mind" from upcoming "Dawn" EP

Drove returns to Martin Garrix's record label STMPD RCRDS with the release of their new production called "Peace of Mind."

Jelmer ten Hoeve, Eli Salomons & Teun Wouters, now professionally known as drove, they are back in STMPD RCRDS. In early January 2021, the trio was introduced to the record label of Martin Garrix to liberate Dusk EP composed of a total of six productions.

This project was born in the first months when the world was confined during the past 2020. They laid the foundations of sound design with the phrase "while driving, music sounds different." The idea it captures drove It is through beautiful places, as you drive towards the desired destination. The project has to do with the combination of scenic routes, atmospheric music and the environment that accompanies it.

They are being the first faces to release music through STMPD RCRDS, but they are already starting to get attention on the scene. After reaching Dusk more than 2 million views in the first week, they are back to launch Dawn EP. The first song they release is Peace Of Mind.

In this first song they represent the beginning of a new journey between chaos and madness, portraying the search for peace while driving towards the west coast. As we said before, the music sounds differently while driving, which is exactly the basis of the movement. drove. They capture the idea of ​​what that journey you are entering would be like, like when you look through the window imagining the place.

While we wait to know more details of the new extended play of drove, you can listen on all platforms Peace Of Mind.

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