Adam Beyer presented his Drumcode label at Amnesia Ibiza

Adam Beyer presented Drumcode at Amnesia Ibiza for the brand's first major solo show on the island White.

the disco Amnesia Ibiza he presented Drumcode Ibiza, a party organized by the Swedish techno label Drumcode de Adam Beyer. All of us fans of the label have wondered for a long time why we didn't see a Drumcode session in Ibiza with its founder living there. That time has come and on Friday September 23, Beyer and a group of the label's best took over the entire venue for one of the most anticipated Drumcode shows in years.

Wherever you are, Beyer playing Amnesia is a spiritual experience that every raver needs to experience at least once. This time he returned for his first Terrace room set in three years to close out the party. They accompanied him for this great appointment ANNA, Bart Skils, Kölsch, Layton Giordani, Lilly Palmer, Raxon, and Rebüke.

We accessed Amnesia Ibiza about 1:30 with the beginning of the sessions of ANNA in the Terrace and Rebuke in the Main room respectively. As we wanted to see the two DJs we had no other option but to divide the time. we start with ANNA, the Brazilian with her usual energy in the booth left us a very lively techno set. We were able to recognize mythical themes such as «simulated» to Marco V on the remix version of Wehbba her current partner and also collaborator of the label Drumcode.

Later in the middle of the session we moved to the Main Room to see Rebuke. The Irishman devoted himself to conquering his country's scene until he catapulted himself and found his place in the underground industry. captive to Adam Beyer to be part of the label in part thanks to his well-known track «Along Came Polly«. We recognized this track on the set mixed with «Distinct Operator» to Umek. Also noteworthy this year is the launch of the EP «rattleon Drumcode.

Rebuke He produces his songs mixing ancient percussions from northern Europe with techno and contemporary house, which makes him unique. In his set we were able to identify the three songs of his new EP «Dystopia»with him who has devastated this 2022. Also paying tribute to his friend Bart skills mixing his theme with Superchumbo «All Over My Body«. To end the show I mix the theme «The Future» who has next to the duo Camelphat.

We stayed in the main room for the set of Layton Giordani a regular in the line up of the label. The New Yorker has risen to fame for releasing tracks that have hit the dance floors, in addition to the fact that he had the support of great figures such as Carl Cox, Green Velvet y Adam Beyer. It is also characterized by combining eclectic sounds with various shades of techno.

It has the freshness of the new generations that take risks to bring new melodies and elements giving new nuances to the genre. In a set full of tracks that are sweeping this year as far as underground techno is concerned, we highlight «space cruising » to Wehbba. To end his show, it could not be any other way than with his recently released ID «DigitalAge«.

Before changing rooms to see the Swede, we stayed in the main room to see the start of the set of Lilly Palmer. The German continues to increase her popularity thanks to her new productions such as «A New Life«.

Around 5 am to end the night we moved to the Terrace where the most awaited moment arrived. Adam Beyer closing party in the Terrace room Amnesia It is a moment that every follower of the label was waiting for on that day.

Impeccable at the controls of the mixing desk, he presented us with a forceful techno set to the rhythm of a bass drum in which the bpm was progressively increasing to the delight of those present. As expected on his set we saw the new IDs of the label's collaborators as «WANNA GO BANG» to THREAD or «sound of space» from the last album NINETO ZERO presented by Enrico Sangiuliano.

Also highlight the issues of Charles D., one of the latest additions to Drumcode with his theme «You» mixed by Adam in the session and by his well-known remix of the track «your mind» stamp icon.

If you want to be aware of the next events of the label you can get all the information in the official page.