The Warehouse Project presented Drumcode Manchester

Adam Beyer presented Drumcode with an unbeatable line up for the last techno show of the season at The Warehouse Project

We attended for the third consecutive year The Warehouse Project to the party Drumcode Manchester, label led by the titan of techno Adam Beyer. In this 2022 it was presented as the last techno show of the season and all expectations were very high with this event.

The Warehouse Project has opted to convert into its residence Mayfield Depot Opposite Picadilly train station. This former railway warehouse maintains its cavernous appearance with original brickwork and steel pillars. It has its five interconnected spaces and this makes it a perfect place for electronic music culture. All this together with a line up with the best DJs of the moment forms the best claim for ravers coming from many parts of Europe. to enjoy unforgettable techno nights.

We accessed Archive around 20:30 p.m. to see for the first time Veerus. Dj that we have known for a little over a year since she began to appear in line ups of Drumcode. His themes sound in the sessions of Adam Beyer leaving some productions that are very well received by the followers of the label. He left us a set loaded with his own productions such as the greatest hits from his last Ep this year 'Yard'with the tracks'Nobody' , 'Bypass'Y'Yard'. Also highlight the latest production of him 'lights on me' which belongs to 'A Sides Vol. 11' latest compilation released by the label. You can listen to part of the session that he uploaded to his channel soundcloud.

As the second set at 22:30 they coincided Layton Giordani at Depot and Bart Skils in Concourse, so we decided to see half a session of each one. Layton Giordani has dedicated himself to his 31 years as one of the reference collaborators of Drumcode releasing tracks year after year and being a benchmark for the new techno school.

The New Yorker after the great success obtained with the remix of the id 'Rave' by Sam Paganini with his godfather Adam Beyer released two new productions this past August that bear his brand 'DigitalAge'Y'UFOs & LFOs'. Two new releases that are candidates to be in the top techno of the year.

Next we moved to the Concourse stage to see the final part of Bart Skils' set. The Dutchman The Dutchman, always energetic on the decks, put the public in the fast pocket with his most underground version. He surrounds you with his melodies to break the theme with a bass drum that makes even the scaffolding of the venue vibrate.

It was a night to show off and Bart could not be less, in the second part of the set we were able to listen to 2 of the songs that we like the most from his long journey as a producer. These are 'Golden temple'Y'House of lords' joint production with Weska.

At 1:30 we returned to the Depot to see the set for our most anticipated part of the night, it was the turn of Adam Beyer the owner of the night We always take the front row to see Adam Beyer in action and just like us we find ravers from other countries with whom we coincide in other events of Drumcode in the front rows, it's like a little techno family. As expected, Adam was raising the bpm of the session mixing the tracks that have hit the most during this 2022. Several of them are found in the latest compilation of the most famous songs on the label.

After finishing the techno titan's set we moved to Concourse for the last show in the room with Lilly Palmer. The German continues her meteoric rise in popularity by displaying her full potential on the turntables. Rebüke He left the public totally delivered and the ravers asked for more. We all expected their most popular IDs of the year like 'We control' and he didn't keep them waiting. Plus his latest EP 'Resonate' made us vibrate high to finish with his last track 'First Time in Space'.

To close a night of madness there was no other than Oliver Heldens with his aka THREAD in its most underground version. The Dutchman is a clear example of a versatile DJ since his main genre is deep house and future house, of which he is currently a reference. In recent years he has been collaborating with great djs on the techno scene, becoming a collaborator with Adam Beyer and releasing tracks on the label's compilations.

He left us a forceful techno set loaded with new tracks and collaborations with colleagues from the label. Highlight in session tracks like 'rabbit hole' beside Layton Giordani and his latest hit with which he is blowing up the dance floors 'WANNA GO BANG' which we got to see on various sets throughout the night.

In summary, another spectacular night for lovers of the stamp Drumcode like us. In Depot an unbeatable atmosphere is created, djs delivered with their audience and ravers eager for techno, a lot of techno!. We will look forward to the arrival of the summer of 2023 and the announcement of the new shows of the season that we hope will include Adam Beyer with his entourage. To say goodbye, just refer to your motto DRUMCODE 4 LIFE!!!!!