Electric Zoo 3.0 lit up New York for its 13th edition

Electric Zoo 3.0 celebrated its 13th edition before the attentive gaze of more than 100.000 attendees from 51 countries around the world.

Electric Zoo, the oldest electronic music festival in New York City, was presented completely renewing all its production. The organization itself expected approximately 100.000 attendees and the goal was achieved. Coming from 51 countries, they completely sold out tickets on both Saturday and Sunday.

Attending Electric Zoo was always one of our goals. Located in Randall's Island Park, during the day it's really spectacular because New York surrounds the festival, although personally, we liked the mainstage better in its last editions. We arrived as soon as possible to the festival to be able to visit all the stages. Perhaps the one that surprised us the most was The Landing, since if your visuals were well worked, it completely improved your set.

Electric Zoo 3.0 (via Alive Coverage)

After a brief contact with the festival with Rossy at The Landing and Gem & Tauri at Levitron, we finished visiting the festival to get right into the action. Seeing Ophelia Records artists was a 'must' at this festival and Trivecta set gave us the reason. What seemed like a fairly simple stage was completely transformed with each of the artists' visuals.

Trivecta invoked 'Dracarys' on his set with that well-known mashup that it's rocking at every festival he goes to. Mention also to his album 'The Way Back Up', in addition to listening to one of his songs that we like the most: 'Wasteland'. Jason Ross was the next to appear. He's a very good artist. After seeing all of his Atlas livestreams, we finally got to enjoy his album. Impossible not to mention that 'One More Day' and even that hardstyle touch as he has been doing on his sets for months with 'To The Stars' by Horyzon. We loved that moment between various members of the Ophelia Records family to play 'Pantheon'.

Trivecta at Electric Zoo 3.0 (via Alive Coverage)

We closed the last two hours of the festival on the mainstage to enjoy SLANDER and Porter Robinson. The American duo formed by Derek and Scott presented themselves with a set in which, in addition to their classics 'Love is Gone', 'Walk on Water' and 'Superhuman', they played several tracks from their next album, including a new ID. On the other hand, Porter Robinson surprised us with a set in which, as he said 'after playing my songs, it's time to play something different'.

The Landing was the best stage on the second day. With their oval screens covering the whole crowd, it was the perfect setting for the night. We alternated small periods of time between Afrojack, Moore Kismet and Whipped Cream to start the day. Jauz's label 'Bite This!' carried a top-tier lineup to this day. Shaq aka Dj Diesel landed and the crowd went wild. Shaq himself cited months ago that he had as 30 collabs waiting to be released and how right you are. He played some of those IDs with Hairitage, Rated R or Soltan. Attendees and DJs alike love it. If he likes a track, he plays it, regardless of who he/she is or how many followers he/she has. That, in a community like the one in the United States, is a 'win'. After seeing him at Tomorrowland 2016, it was a great experience to see him again in 2022.

Dj Diesel at Electric Zoo 3.0 (via Alive Coverage)

Bite This! stage was completely overwhelmed by the crowd of people and it was the turn of Svdden Death. We don't know how the mainstage would be, but a large part of the attendees were looking forward to this set. Multitude of IDs, many of them alone, for an artist who with 'Voyd' and his new 'Into The Inferno' is breaking it all over the world. We started with Jauz to finally close the festival with Armin van Buuren in his most mainstream version. He played some of his IDs like 'Computers Take Over The World' and alternated with small touches of techno from his association with Reinier Zonneveld.

Last day of festival. Perhaps the most anticipated by the attendees. A special set for Subtronics. Electric Zoo was his first festival and 10 years later he would perform a Sunset Set at mainstage. He literally swept away, being one of the best sets of the festival and playing his new collabs with Ganja White Night on the one hand and Wooli on the other. We can't wait for that 'ANTIFRACTALS' that he already announced weeks before. Crowd of Seven Lions t-shirts to wait for the Ophelia Records' boss. Understandable even more with that album on the way called 'Beyond The Veil'. 'Every Time' live was amazing, as was 'Call On Me'. 10/XNUMX set at the level of track selection and the staging himself.

Finally, we saw Martin Garrix twice, both to close the festival and at Brooklyn Mirage. At Electric Zoo he did a set more oriented to his current career, while in The Brooklyn Mirage he selected several of his great classics, as well as that 'Now That I've Found You' that we all celebrated when he played it. The redesign of this place has been a complete success, becoming one of the most surprising venues in the world.


As a personal opinion, it has been a very positive experience. Seeing many of these artists is completely impossible in Europe. Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Trivecta, Svdden Death, it was even a tough call to choose between Porter Robinson and Abraxis. Soon we'll write a guide on how to attend from Spain, so if you want to attend at any time, stay tuned to our social networks and check the Electric Zoo websites for more information.

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