Elrow Town Festival sweeps its second edition in Madrid

The second edition of Elrow Town Madrid brought together more than 35.000 attendees presenting an impressive and colorful proposal at IFEMA.

If 2022 was the revelation, 2023 has been the consecration of Elrow Town Madrid as the massive event par excellence to celebrate the most colorful and fun spring in the capital. Its second edition held in IFEMA has been a success in bringing together more than 35.0000 attendees to dance to the rhythm of the best electronic music of the moment in a genuine and very festive atmosphere.

In this edition we had 9 stages with the most famous themes of the brand such as Psychodelic Trip, horrowween, delusionville o The Rowcio. More than 40 top-level national and international artists have left an unbeatable taste in our mouths for an audience that did not stop dancing for 12 hours.

We accessed the venue around 16:XNUMX p.m. Patrick Topping at the controls in the spectacular stage of Psychodelic Trip, the largest outdoor stage to date created by Elrow. As a first contact, whenever you enter a new festival it is to take a reconnaissance tour and locate all the stages, bar areas and food trucks.

Patrick is one of the techno-house talents of the moment, proof of this is his seasonal residency in Ibiza. Always very lively on the decks, he offered us a dynamic session to not stop for a single moment, mixing some of his most legendary songs such as "Be Sharp Say Now" with their freshest and newest rhythms released the same week of the event as "Make Me Happy".

We stayed on the same stage to see the first part of the set of Adam Beyer, one of our favorite artists and one we don't usually see at an event that isn't purely techno. We wanted to see its less underground facet and closer to techno-house. He showed us new productions that are about to be released by Drumcode as Dark Clouds by Heerhorst & Teenage Mutants & PETER PAHN that we are sure will play at all summer festivals without a doubt.

As expected at a festival several artists coincide and it's time to split up if you want to see a bit of each other's sets. It was the turn to visit horrowween to see the Indira Paganotto. The national artist has become the queen of what we can call her own style «psy techno«. Sponsored by Charlotte the Witte has risen meteorically to fame with his latest EP Lions of God posted by KNTXT. All the ravers in the room were looking forward to hearing their success. "She Devil" with which the vast cavern of Horroween vibrated in unison.

Before the end of the day we moved to the stage The Rowcio to see the show gypsy kings, something that will be remembered this second edition of Elrow Town Madrid. It was such a risky and fun bet that she surprised and triumphed. Rumba and flamenco coexisting with electronics toasting in the purest Andalusian style. Sing "wobble» to the rhythm of the guitar as if it were about the Seville fair was a hoot.

After this short but intense change of record, around 21:XNUMX p.m. we returned to horrowween to see the incomparable king of live Renier zonneveld. The Dutchman raises the bpm in such a way that he surrounds you with his acid techno and transmits his energy to you in the booth so you don't stop burning your shoe. His peculiar sounds mixed with new tracks make each of his sessions unique and unrepeatable.

We were there for a short time since we still had to visit the big tent with the latest and amazing theme delusionville created by Ron English. The most underground sound was destined for this stage and we went to see the set of Ilario Alicante. Set loaded with hard-hitting techno while the tent was flooded with streamers under the evil gaze of the giant characters from delusionville.

To finish we return to the stage Psychodelic Trip, this time the person in charge of the final show was one of the heavyweights of techno-house, Jamie Jones. Giving a melodic touch to the groove, the Welsh DJ, also a resident of the White Isle with his Paradise label, left us a close to remember with a classic theme among the classics for closing summer festivals. dance the track «Yimanya» by Filterheadz while confetti rains down from the sky is simply spectacular. The combination of all this plus the nightly light display of the stage through its illuminated geometric shapes was the culmination of a magical day.

This XXL proposal has had an ambitious production full of imagination to achieve a unique immersive experience to achieve collective ecstasy to the rhythm of the latest trends in techno, tech-house and house. From the THE ARCH OF TROWMPH, a scenario that welcomed us to the venue and made you see what awaited you throughout the day until PINK CATHEDRAL where dancing inside a giant bouncy castle comes true, every detail of the event is taken care of to the millimeter. Rest areas, ball pools and hundreds of entertainers commanded by the brand's official mascot ROWGELIA.

We look forward to next year's edition, which can hardly be surpassed, but Elrow shows us with each event that they surpass themselves. What amazing new themes are coming up?