Excision Presents Reunion on July 16 & 17 at Legend Valley

Excision announces a new festival concept for headbangers to be held July 17 & 18 in Legend Valley, Ohio.

The hopes for one of the best bass music experiences to be celebrated is a reality. Jeff's annual festival, better known as Excision, is scheduled to take place this September 2021. While everyone awaits the long-awaited wait to return home, to Lost Lands, the team Excision it breaks in again, giving a surprise.

On May 12, through social networks, the announcement of a new festival concept under the name of Reunion. In the statement, Excision reported that both he and his team spent the past year trying to be as creative as possible. One of the things they kept thinking about was that when the live events come back, why not have a reunion with the bass music family? With Lost Lands being in Sold Out and months before the desired date arrives, there was no better time to do it than this.

Excision, Reunion

Next July 16 & 17 the Reunion in Legend Valley where the line-up that will make up will be known Lostlands 2021. Tickets have been put on sale together with the first names that will be present at one of the most anticipated events of the year; the return of thousands of headbangers to Legend Valley.

They are only the first names and there are already hundreds who have not been able to resist buying a ticket. As always, Excision will have two Sets, included Detox. On the other hand, one of the actions that have raised passions has been for the back-to-back between 12th Planet & Wooli. Favorite aliens from the scene will also be at the Reunion, ATLiens. Including the best of the scene like Benda, Calcium, Dion Timmer, Boogie T, Dirt Monkey, Downlink, HE $ H, Kai Wachi, Company, Subtronics & SVDDEN DEATH.

Of course, the best of the lineup is not lacking, with the sensations of the industry. They have been perfecting their sound for years and the progress they are making is incredible. The Reunion will feature LEVEL UP, Jessica Audiffred, Vampa & Lucii. The whole scene knows that they are being a whirlwind and how they are gaining admiration, all rewarded by being in great events.

This new festival will not have a camping site, each user can purchase a shuttle from the hotel, to make their experience as comfortable as possible. Tickets are already on sale through the official website of Excision. Remember that the Lost Lands lineup will be released during the event.

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