Faytal release their debut EP "Doomsday" on Disciple Round Table

Faytal released their debut extended play called "Doomsday" consisting of a total of four productions through Disciple Round Table.

What would it be like to release a debut EP on one of the best record labels on the scene? Producers Cory Glover & Safiya Reyhan, better known as faital and emerging from Los Angeles They have achieved this thanks to a music capable of taking the listeners' souls. Even if it is not on the main record label of Disciple Records, they make it on Disciple Round Table.

The duo's project is inspired by a pure passion for intense sounds with alien influences; bringing a different approach to modern bass music. They started creating music for fun and currently have the support of the best figures in the scene such as Svdden Death, NGHTMRE, Point.Blank, HE$H, Hami, Calcium and many more. They have had a presence on major record labels such as Bassweight Records and Buygore. They are also very popular in Montreal, with a multitude of shows in Canadian Bass Capitol.

They are currently focusing on new sounds that are completely opposite to previous releases. The duo's passion lies in the intensity of the bass music without the anger, death, and negativity. This year they made an appearance in Disciple Round Table for the release of Stopin ', and now they return to the load with their extended play debut.


Present their debut Doomsday EP composed of a total of four productions with a powerful background full of passion. This project lasted seven months while the world went through lockdown. It was frustrating for them to be stuck in the house but it also gave them time to create more music than ever.

When they produced Doomsday, they felt both an end and a new beginning. Producers took their quarantine to diversify and improve their own sound and demonstrate the ability to do something new. The EP is made up of classic sounds they started with and new experimental elements for them. They have managed to do one of the most rewarding works to date.

The project starts off firmly by rolling out production Wrecked, even reflecting in this song the Artwork of the EP. A game of chess can become a battlefield and they convey it completely through song. The heavy drops cause a severe impact on the sensations of the listener, becoming an anthem. They carry on with the song Knockout, adding elements influenced by the Trap, giving it an experimental touch, but without neglecting the massive blows that ignite our interior.

The third production is The Last Bounce in which they reintroduce combat elements with challenging attitudes. It feels like the chess knight pieces are attacking you and you cannot defend yourself in any way. The latest masterpiece arrives in the form of ammunition increasing the internal degrees of the listener to feel all the bass through each of the senses.

A more than outstanding debut extended play is what the producers have achieved faital through Disciple Round Table. Enjoy the new project called Doomsday.

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