Final Day is presented on AoC: Eternity with "Human"

After being introduced as a new member of Art of Creation: Eternity, Final Day presents his debut release on the label called "Human."

It's the initiation ritual. Following the pandemic, each of the new members of both Art of Creation as of the Eternity sublabel have been presented days later with the debut release. So Sephyx and Aftershock did, as well A-RIZE, Last of Us and JGSW, the latter might be the one that later released. Art of Creation secures a new generation of talents that in the near future will be able to lead one of the most prestigious labels in the hardstyle scene.


To refer both to Sanctuary like The Unknown, we were talking about a set with quite a few IDs of Wildstylez in the livestreaming of Defqon.1 At Home 2021, but with one unknown, there was one of the IDs totally indecipherable . Finally, the entry of Final Day, like his respective debut release announcement, has ended up solving all doubts. Under the name of Human and with a beginning where gives priority to both the vocalist and the narrator, takes us completely into the song. A journey to infinity between purest melodies from Art of Creation: Eternity.

Human is now available on Spotify and soon on the channel of Art of Creation. As in any real life situation, support is essential to start a new journey. Therefore, if you want to know more about the new member of Art of Creation: Eternity, you can find him both in his social networks as in his Spotify profile.

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