fknsyd releases her debut EP "Moontower" on Heaven Sent

fknsyd releases her debut EP called "Moontower" consisting of a total of three songs through SLANDER's Heaven Sent Records.

More and more artists and record labels support singer-songwriters in growing and advancing in their professional careers. The music would not be the same without the voices of the people who sing on the instrumental; that's what makes music more art than it already is. Each of the people who participate in the track must be valued, without excluding them. And that everyone give it the recognition it also deserves. It has been seen in recent releases as in One More Day, Like A Nightmare or Selfish.

If we say the name of fknsydsurely it sounds like you have seen it in a song or even recognize it instantly. She is one of the best singer-songwriters on the electronic music scene and has collaborated with artists such as SLANDER & Kompany, Shadient or WAVEDASH, among others. When Sydneyshe needs more than ever the support of someone, with whom he has collaborated so much, they have given it to her. Every day it is observed how singer-songwriters make an appearance on the best record labels in the world but never alone. Derek & Scott, professionally known as SLANDERand how good a relationship they have with Sydney, they give her a home for her project fknsyd; the release of the debut EP on Heaven Sent Records.

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In recent weeks, fknsyd, announced that she was working on a single EP and thats he had finally found a home where she would be welcomed. When SLANDER informed through social networks that it would see the light through Heaven Sent Records; the barrage of positive comments to the singer-songwriter and founders were incredible. The voice of Sydney it is sound art and her deserves, like many other people, this opportunity.

fknsyd presents her debut EP called moon tower composed of three songs. The first of all is rain simulator, adding guitar chords in the intro that start to tear you apart in the first few seconds. Also including environmental sounds as if it were really raining, making the soundscape honor to the title of the song. The resonant voice of the singer-songwriter sinks deep within you, as sharp notes fall around the instrumental.

The second song, darker and more sinister, is called benadryl sleep, with a midtempo and distorted bass line. The aura it transmits is colder, as much as if you could really feel it in every part of your body. As if little by little you feel what fknsyd wants to transmit in the lyric and wrap you in her world from which you will not want to leave; experiencing every feeling, no matter what.

The end of Moontower EP infuses it through shallows, altering the senses and those around you. Again the cold takes over your body, as if the suspense it exerts, including fear, took over your mental state. All the songs have a dark atmosphere and Sydney's resonant voice accompanies even the darkest shadows.

She only needed three songs to make her debut EP something that will remain marked throughout the year; We couldn't be happier that it was in Heaven Sent. You can listen on all platforms Moontower EP by fknsyd on all digital platforms.

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