Foreign Family Collective releases Rave.wavs Vol. 1

Foreign Family Collective releases the first compilation Rare.wavs with a total of sixteen productions by sixteen artists.

The record label of ODESZA Foreign Family Collective recently broke into social media with the Hashtag rarewaves. Several producers were sharing through their accounts a video with the Hashtag to what it was possible to intuit that it was going to be a compilation. The news did not take long to spread and finally came with the announcement of Rare.wavs Vol. 1.

A new compilation starring a total of sixteen artists in sixteen different productions. The producers who have participated have been Kasbo, Chrome Sparks, Jai Wolf, Phantoms, Slow Magic, Pluko, obli, Gilligan Moss, Fakear, Robotaki, ford., MEMBA, Medasin,, Rymbaudian & Chet Porter.

Each production has its own NFT and all of them have been premiered on YouTube. The thing that has wreaked the most havoc on compilation has been the production of Chet Porter. His song called Lost, yes it will be like NFT but it will not be able to be published on the platforms. For reasons beyond his control, it is not possible for this to be carried out as well as he has shared through his networks.

Foreign family


Kasbo - Car_beat.wav

Chrome Sparks - Plasmatisphere

Jai Wolf - Hikikomori (Demo)

Phantoms - Do It Again

Slow Magic - True

pluko - VISION

obli - Are We Fluttering

Gilligan Moss - Studio Silence

Fake - Lotus

Robotaki - Weed Market

ford. - 8

MEMBA - Birdhouse

Medasin - Wound Up

mai. the - UAH

Rimbaudian - Haylove

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