G-Rex & Sully release "How Much Further" with The Arcturians for Fusion EP

G-Rex & Sully reveal a new production for Fusion EP under the name "How Much Further" with The Arcturians via WAKAAN.

The record label of Liquid Stranger, is being one of the great surprises every week, with incredible projects. They are continuously the center of attention of the electronic music scene, and the protagonists of the last weeks have been G-Rex & Sully.

Both producers have made big appearances throughout the year, with releases like Cold Case, Malfunction EP & Right About Now. Shortly, WAKAAN will host one of the most anticipated projects by fan-favorite artists. Both figures of the discography, collaborate for the elaboration of Fusion EP, and the first song revealed was Back It Up.

Just a month after the release of the first production, they return to bring us a new piece of music by Fusion EP. For this occasion, they recruit the duo The Arcturians, which have made stellar appearances throughout the year as well. We have seen them on the record label of Excision Subsidia Records by Dawn Vol. XNUMX & Sinner's Sanctum EP by Caster, as well as in Beast EP by Ivory on Never Say Die. Now they make an appearance on the discography of Liquid Stranger, for the release of How Much Further.

G-Rex, Sully, The Acturians, How Much Further, WAKAAN, Liquid Strager

G-Rex shares that when Sully and him, they decided they wanted to make an EP together, each of them started a couple of concepts and sent it to each other. The song How Much Further, was one that Sully sent him and they had a writing weekend in northern Michigan. There they finished most of the EP, before sending the production to The Arcturians for voices.

By Sullyadds that they thought it would be great to incorporate a song that was a little more melodic. He did the introduction and breakdowns of How Much Further, and when only needed to add find a vocalist and add the vowels, The Arcturians they made it in a matter of days.

Alicia from The Arcturians, shares that the meaning of the lyrics may be different for everyone, but for her it is about how the world is clearly changing in front of our eyes. It is very exhausting to see all this pain and suffering, with all the negative things that are happening to the Earth, animals, and to us. The hope that we can change things is still there, and the hope of living in peace with others as equals and helping each other through difficult times. And besides, to repair the damage that has been done to this planet is still there, it is not too late to change for the better.

The complete project will be available soon, but in the meantime listen on all platforms How Much Further by G-Rex, Sully & The Arcturians through WAKAAN.

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