GAWM releases "Desecrate" EP on Bassrush Records

GAWM releases his new "Desecrate" EP consisting of a total of four productions via Bassrush Records.

Los Angeles artist better known as GAWM, makes his return to the record label of Bass Rush Records, to finish what he started. Keep going to add a new project in your professional career, freeing up Desecrate EP, made up of a total of four productions.

He's gaining a massive reputation in today's electronic music scene, with big appearances. He was in one of the most emblematic moments of last year, at the launch of the record label of Excision Subsidia Records, with one of the best productions. In this 2021, he does not stop keeping the rhythm intact and continues to display the best of himself.

He recently made an appearance for the release of his production pop dat, in collaboration with matt doe. Now the renowned producer GAWM, makes his return to reveal Desecrate EP, with three new pieces of music. Unveil productions Fear, Paranoid and the main Desecrate yourself to finish a great job.

Listen to the four songs that make up on all platforms Desecrate EP by GAWM through Bass Rush Records.

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