GRiZ keeps getting fit with "Rainbow Brain"

GRiZ continues to have an impressive production rhythm and without lowering form releases a new song called "Rainbow Brain".

One of the most talented producers in the electronic music industry releases a new production. Grant Richard Kwiecinski, known professionally as GRIZ, enter the game again to make its mark again this 2021 with a massive single.

The producer has a capacity and facility in the study, as well as great skills to make everything a success. This is also reflected in the amount of music that he constantly releases while still surprising his audience. With a wide range of albums released to his back, who knows if a new one could arrive at any moment. In the meantime GRIZ offers us a new production called Rainbow Brain.

During the year he has made multiple appearances on the launch radar with productions such as vibe-check, Astro funk, Tie-dye-sky and more. For this new song he has the participation of Prob Cause & Chrishira Perrier, executing an excited and optimistic design of the return of live music.

Enjoy the new piece of GRIZ with Prob Cause & Chrishira Perrier under the name of Rainbow Brain on all platforms.

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