Guide to attend EDC Las Vegas

Guide to attend EDC Las Vegas, one of the most amazing and unique events in the world located in the district of Nevada.

Who has not ever dreamed of going to Tomorrowland? And with going to Ultra? There is a moment, in which once seen both festivals, an important doubt is created. Where to go? Years ago, you met tomorrowworld, or with Tomorrowland Brazil (both now extinct), in the case of Ultra, Do you have the Ultra Europe and then already other festivals like Electric Love, amsterdam music festival, Mysteryland, Defqon.1... until you get to one in particular, EDC Las Vegas.

Able to compete on the bill with Tomorrowland y Ultra, is the combination of both in a perfect way. It uses themed megastructures on its main stage, and a incredible diversity of secondary scenarios, where its main asset is pyrotechnics.

Hardwell starting his set in the Circuit Grounds.

Once the attendance to the EDC, we must take into account the options that the festival allows us and how to get to that place. It is quite misleading to search for flights for this festival. Finding a direct flight to Las Vegas could cost you between 1000 and 1500 euros. The cheapest option is to go to Los Angeles, through low-cost companies such as Level, Norweigan o Swiss where prices roll 300-400 euros in total round trip, and from there through a Greyhounds, or a rental car to get to Las Vegas.

One of the most iconic places in Las Vegas, the Hotel Bellagio.

As to accommodation, there are 2 options:

- Stay in Las Vegas and through a shuttle or Uber get to the festival. Easier to enjoy EDCWeek, but on the contrary, the long hours of traffic will make you arrive at dawn, and therefore, you will have to go to the festival hours before. It may seem like the cheapest option, but the rates that hotels set for staying and the cost of the shuttle / Uber raise the price. As for the shuttle, you have the option One N Only, which has nothing to do with EDC, priced at $ 100. The most remarkable and recommended is share a seat for hours with people from different backgrounds, where who knows, maybe you will meet again in the future.

- Stay at the festival campsite. In addition to bringing the festival forward a month due to high temperatures, the EDC decided to introduce the campsite for the first time, in the same parking lot of the stadium where the festival is held. You have 2 options:

· In a tent. The tent is run by the festival with a bed for 2 people and air conditioning included. Something like the Tomorrowland Easy Tent. In no case can you bring the tent from home, since it could not withstand the high temperatures that occur in Nevada. Its cost is around € 400. 
· In VR. The option chosen and the most recommended. You just have to pay for the plot where you park it and the energy for the generator. It is allowed up to 8 people per RV, which, if you get them, and added to the rental price, is the cheapest and most profitable option. Its only disadvantage is the transfer of the RV to the festival, since, even going the day before, the traffic makes it take 5-6 hours to get to the campsite.

Panoramic of the precinct established for camping with RV.

Flight and accommodation closed, the following for buy are the entrances. They tend to hover around $350 (including taxes) and its final price until Sold Out usually reaches 420. It gives you the option to pay 10 euros more to take a magnet with the EDC logo, which, if you are a Maniac of taking memories of each festival you go to, it will deserve a place in your collection. The Sold Out poster is out with 2 weeks to go, so you will have no problem waiting to buy tickets.

In addition to the book containing the entry, and the magnet, a small part of the merchandising that this festival offers us.

In Nevada, the next step is to get to the festival area. EDC days before will open a place where you can already pick up the bracelets, both for festival and camping, in addition to the stickers to be able to enter with the RV. There are no long lines and it can be collected in about 10-15 minutes by the time they open. Once installed in the campsite, you have several areas of interest around you that you should not miss:

- Pool Parties. Possibly the most important. You have several pools where you can enjoy the music and the atmosphere. Among them, an area of ​​artificial grass to rest, sit, and even put your feet to cool off. This same place is used for after-parties after the festival, where you can continue the party if you still want to.
- Tents, where they occur yoga exercises, or motivational talks. The place to relax and disconnect. A break in between a day that you will not stop dancing and enjoying is always good.
- Leisure areas, where you will find, a mini soccer field (currado lo justito), a skating rink and a bumper car area, among others. 
- Merchandising stores. Whether it is the official EDC, or the unofficial ones with products that are carried there, such as masks, bracelets, kandi and a long etc.

At night, we will have a welcome party for those attending the campsite. To open, this year the stage of the Parliament Art Car where djs were seen like Excision, G Jones and Habstrakt.

Image of a Pool Party in the leisure area of ​​the Camp E.D.C..

And finally, the most important thing comes, the festival. The hours are between 17: 00-30 and 6: 00-15. You can enter first thing in the morning but there are areas that will not be enabled yet, such as the main stage, which opens around 19:00 p.m. The queues to enter the festival are unpredictableMaybe one day you will enter at 15 ′, and maybe another day you will be 45 ′, it depends on the moment. You advance in groups and pass 2 controls, the bracelet and the metal and registration. Once inside, you go out to the central stands, from which, you will see a spectacular view of the entire festival.

The last step to be part of the EDC.

Once inside, our recommendation is to go through the entire festival orienting you where each stage is, each hydration point and each toilet area. On the subject of hydration, it is advisable to carry a camel bag, because the prices are high compared to other festivals (a bottle of Coca Cola is more profitable and cheaper in proportion than a bottle of water).

As for stages, djs and musical styles, there is little we can recommend. The best thing to do is to balance between seeing your favorite djs and discovering other djs or styles that you may not see in Europe. We are lucky to have been able to enjoy Dash Berlin with its spectacular Classic Set, see Yultron, Kayzo, Dotcom and Ookay together in The Binches closing the festival or hallucinating with Zedd in the KinectField. Each stage (leaving aside the Main, which is given in all styles) is a world, a style of music and will surprise you in the same way as the main one. You will see as djs of the stature of Martin Garrix, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren and KSHMR They are not part of the principal, but of the secondary.

Capture of the spectacular set of The Binches to close the last day in the Cosmic meadow.

Do not miss a single opening ceremony, not a moment of fireworks. It is very possible that watching one of your favorite djs, you will find the entire festival illuminated and full of fireworks from one side to the other for 5 minutes. Visit the Art Car, are scenarios where labels such as Proximity, Trap Nation and Monstercat, with special guests like Timmy Trumpetor Jauz making a set unlike anything you've ever seen of him. They are things that you will not see in any other festival, and that make EDC Las Vegas, not the best festival in the world, since for color tastes, but a festival different from anything you have seen. 

Within the festival, everyone will try to give you the best possible time, if you fall, they will pick you up. They will fan you, they will throw water at you to cool you down and they will even offer you water, or food if they see that you are unwell, be it the organization, or the festival goers themselves. Plur, they call him. Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. And it is another positive point of this festival, possibly the most important.

Time fireworks seen from the set of Dash Berlin (now called Jeffrey Sutourius)

Finally, we recommend that you not come only for the festival dates, if not for the entire week. "EDC is not a race, it is a marathon" they told us there. Visit Las Vegas, and even take a day in Los Angeles, they are two incredible places. Enjoy the EDCWeek, from the days before the EDC, until the same days if you are staying in Las Vegas. We attend Cash-Cash and Martin Garrix en omnia las vegas and Tiesto (where it appeared Martin Garrix to do a B2B) in Wet republic and we found it amazing. In Omnia, more than the lighting, the sound or the DJ that participates, the main character is the lamp moving from top to bottom, and breaking up in circles.

And yes, we will be back. Because to festivals like this, it is worth going back. As they say: "To a festival, you go for the music, and you end up coming back for the people you leave there."

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