Guide to attend Electric Love Festival

Guide to attend Electric Love Festival, one of the most incredible festivals in all of Europe located on the Salzburgring racetrack.

When we talk about Electric Love Festival, we talk about one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Situated in Austria, among many of the green hills of the country, receives many visitors from all over the world with the desire to enjoy an unforgettable experience. It's held in Salzburgring, a 4.225 meter long racetrack, near the city of Salzburg. Currently, it has 7 editions (8 if we count the Boutique Edition) and with its dates already announced for the next edition.

Before acquiring the ticket, we must trace the route that we must follow to arrive Salzburg. It's a somewhat complicated displacement from Spain, since the only way to get there directly is from Palma de Mallorca. Our recommendation is fly directly to Munich, and from there buy a train ticket to Salzburg. The distance is 117 km and it will cost you approximately $18. If you leave from Palma de Mallorca, you'll have to pay for the flight to Palma de Mallorca and then to Salzburg, as on the return, so the outlay will be higher. To transfer from the airport to the city of Salzburg, you must take the line 2 or 27 at the gate of the airport.


Regarding accommodation, another recommendation is stay near Salzburg Mainstation. The free festival shuttles leave from there. Once you enter the station, you continue along the central corridor until divided by some stairs on the sides, you must exit to the left. You'll find the bus stopped or a long line of people waiting for it. In case you go with your own car, any accommodation option is good, since you shouldn't have problems when driving around the city. To purchase tickets, this last edition has been a bit chaotic. Due to the coronavirus, tickets were divided by days and it wasn't possible to acquire all 3 together.

Under normal circumstances, the general admission is between 150 and 200 euros, depending on which ticket phase you acquire it. The entrances VIP was divided into 3 types of tickets: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold offered the biggest views of the event for a price close to 300 euros. Silver is on the left side of the mainstage and cost approximately 220 euros. The Bronze ticket is the most limited of the 3 and costs around 200 euros. On Electric Love another type of VIP ticket was also offered on Q-dancestage, but in the 2020 postponed edition they weren't for sale as it was intended redesign the stage for a greater experience.

Although in the Boutique Edition was totally forbidden to park, before the pandemic it was one of the most feasible options for attendees. The most basic option is both Camping North as Camping South, with a price of 60 euros bringing your own tent. Includes the garbage rate, that for each garbage bag you fill, you will receive 10 euros. At no time do they sell out or increase in price, and include individual hot water showers, drinking water and a supermarket open 24 hours a day. To charge your mobile, Electric Love has batteries to be able to recharge as many times as you want at the price of 64 euros. This does tend to run out very quickly and is purchased when you buy the camping pass.

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In addition to the most basic options, you can purchase a caravan pass. You should pay the establishment of the camping plus then a bonus for the caravan. In total, approximately 200 euros. If you are looking for greater comfort, you have other options such as Comfort Camping , where you'll find everything assembled for 318 euros to be divided between two people. A delta for two, that is, a wooden house with everything prepared for your stay for 582 euros. If you consider that the delta is a small space for you, you can purchase a lodge, bigger than a delta and includes parking, at the price of 810 euros. Finally the most expensive option is the flexotel, at the price of 850 euros the stay.

The campsite hours range from 12:00 on Wednesday to 12:00 on Sunday. As for food, in addition to the supermarket mentioned above, you have several not excessively expensive foodtracks stands in which you can eat from 3 euros.

Speaking of Q-dance, there is no shortage of variety in Electric Love. With respect to hardstyle, has the aforementioned brand for 3 days of the festival. It's the leading promoter in hardstyle and with each passing day it shows it more with its amazing stages and line ups. It also has pussy lounge, one of the brand's best-known parties B2S and that landed on Electric Love to make us enjoy other subgenres such as freestyle. For the toughest and most demanding tastes there will be the stage Uptempo Cage, where we'll find frenchcore, terror and uptempo among other styles. You'll also find stages of all genres of bass and techno, implemented in the previous edition.


Regarding the festival, except on Wednesday, starts at 14:30 p.m. and usually ends around 4:00 a.m., except for the Warm Up which is held in a shorter space of time both at the beginning and at the end of the day. In this Boutique Edition was held from 12:00 to 0:00 for only 3 days, due to coronavirus restrictions. Once inside, you must follow several recommendations. In Austria it's common for it to be worn during various times of the day, so it's advisable to take a good quality raincoat (You'll receive disposable raincoats on rainy days from the organization) and several sneakers. You should also bring warm clothing because the nights in Salzburg are quite cold.

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Enjoy your stay in Salzburg and above all, take advantage of as much time as possible to get to know the whole festival. In a beautiful location, despite the cold and rain, it's a totally enriching experience. The mainstage itself looks impressive as it's composed of LED screens and gives the feeling of being built as if it were a LEGO. It's one of the festivals that you must attend once in your life and enjoy its wide variety of styles, year after year expanding more and more. For more information, you can consult the chronicle of its Boutique Edition. Don't hesitate to visit the festival website or contact us for any questions!

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