Guide to attend Mysteryland

Guide to attend Mysteryland, one of the oldest festivals in Europe, which will turn 30 years old next year.

under the motto “Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is a mystery”, Mysteryland became one of the oldest festivals in all of Europe. From it was born the world famous Tomorrowland. It's one of the festivals that brings the summer festival season to an end, ushering in the one-day festivals held in the Netherlands. Owned by ID&T, next year will be its 30th anniversary and for this reason, we bring you a guide on how to attend from Spain.

Mainstage at Mysteryland 2022


Mysteryland has a wide variety of tickets with which to enjoy the festival:

  • Ticket without camping. There are 4 phases: earliest, early, weekend and late weekend. The prices are 119,50, 139,50, 169,50 and 189,50 euros, respectively.
  • Ticket with camping. Like the general ticket, it has 4 phases. The cheapest started at 149,50, continued at 179,50, is currently at 199,50 and late camping is at 219,50 euros.
  • Premium. You have 2 options, with or without camping. With camping it's 335 euros and without camping it's 305. The difference of 30 euros only in price makes it quite profitable to attend with camping included.
  • If you are looking for better comfort, Mysteryland offers various camping packages, with your own tent, bungalows, friends tent…


As with all flights to the Netherlands, we recommend looking at various city combinations. From Spain, normally the most profitable is to fly from Barcelona. It's very close to the Amsterdam airport, so flying there is the most recommended option. It's difficult to talk about prices since it really depends on how far in advance you buy them and the time. Flying in the morning is much cheaper than mid-afternoon. In anything, flights should not exceed €200. With two weeks to go before the festival, these were our flights.

Currently, flying from Amsterdam airport is a big problem, as at certain times of the day the queue to pass the security check could exceed 3 or 4 hours. Mysteryland is a festival that takes place during the day and only has 2 or 3 hours at night, so an early flight will allow you to arrive without any problem.

Q-dance stage at Mysteryland 2022


Undoubtedly the best option is camping. You can book a hotel both in Amsterdam (even at the airport itself) and in Harleem, but you must know the displacements both at the beginning and at the end of the festival. In addition, staying at the campsite allows you to enjoy one more day of the festival, such as the pre-party. This year featured several performances, highlighting the Get Wack! stage, belonging to Q-dance and Frequencerz.

Get Wack! at Mysteryland Pre-Party 2022

As the name of the festival itself says, it's truly a mystery. As soon as you enter the campsite, previously going through the control of backpacks and suitcases, the festival workers are waiting for you with a leaflet informing you that it's, and that it's not allowed, in addition to various things to do at the festival. Several of them are hidden, so you will have to find them during your stay.

- TIPS -

  • In the campsite you'll have several booths of what are called 'Guardians of the campsite', available to help you in any way possible.
  • Buying a tent the day before the festival is quite difficult in Amsterdam, since they're usually sold out in Decathlon. You can try your luck at the Action, but in case you can't find it, the festival has a stand of recycled tents at a fairly cheap price.
  • There is a small pool-party at the campsite, next to one of the stages. If you want to cool off, it's the ideal place.
  • Except on the day of arrival, it's not allowed to leave and enter the festival, so you must buy everything you need before arriving at the venue.
  • Use of soccer shirts inside the festival is prohibited. It's quite common in Dutch festivals, since they try not to generate any conflict between attendees.
  • Drug use isn't allowed, respect each of the attendees and enjoy a magnificent and mysterious experience.
  • There is a very fun farm that you can find walking around the festival, in addition to several telephones distributed throughout the venue so you can talk to other attendees.

Its 30th anniversary, the presentation of a new Q-dance stage and a themed and mystical festival, are more than reasons to attend this coming year. Tickets are now available at Mysteryland website, so it's a good time to buy your tickets. If you need more information, our Mysteryland 2022 Chronicle will be available soon.

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