Guide to attend Reverze

Guide to attend Reverze, one of the most important hardstyle events in Belgium and of the Bass Events promoter.

Reverze isn't just any event, since it's considered as one of the most important festivals of the hardstyle genre of a single day. Sportpaleis and Lotto Arena they are the hosts for many of the most important artists of this genre. From Festival Season we are going to show you the cheapest way to attend from Spain No problem. This year it will be a historical edition, since it will take place on Friday and Saturday.

Sportpaleis (via Reverze)


The first and most important thing will be buy tickets. This year it is divided into several types of entry. The General Ticket for €129,50 for both days, while separately on Friday it will cost €59,50 and on Saturday €79,50. You will have access to your basic needs as well as being able to use the metro line "De Lijn" to be able to travel to the festival.

Regarding the VIPs, you will have general admission for €199,50 both days, only Friday for €99,50 and Saturday for €124,50. Includes complementary access to the festival, as well as other lockers and the bracelet. Remember that the VIP area is only available at Sportpaleis.

This year on Friday it will be held only at Sportpaleis, while on Saturday it will continue to be both at Sportpaleis and at Lotto Arena.


Let's talk about the flights. Belgium is very well connected with Spain and there are quite a few flights towards Zaventem. Looking at it with time you could easily get them out for a price of 60 Euros. Even last time it's very possible that the price don't fall below 100 euros, unless you need a specific time to fly. Via Ryanair you can find the cheapest prices. Air Europa, Brussels Airlines or Iberia will have a higher price. Even so, the combination of both types of airlines it will hardly exceed 3 digits.


As to accommodation, we recommend several options. If it predominates the rest above the distance to the event, you can inquire about all the accommodations at each of the stops on the «De Lijn» metro line, as they're free way (It's included with the Reverze ticket) and with good frequency, you'll be able to reach your destination in a few minutes. If the proximity to Sportpaleis before you rest, from 1,7 km you'll find many accommodations, where, without the need to share a room, prices are around the 100-150 euros on the weekend for 2 people.


Reverze is held at Sportpaleis, a multipurpose area located in Antwerp which hosts everything from sporting events and fairs to concerts and festivals. From Brussels you have a Flixbus to Antwerp for only 4 euros. You have several options to get there. One of them is to use the metro line 'Sportpaleis' from Central Antwerpen, leaving you practically in front of the entrance of the venue. In case of something more urgent, you could use both the taxi as GetTransfer. Taxi option is the most expensive of all since it's a journey of more or less half an hour that could be even more expensive than the festival. GetTransfer is the most affordable option, being even more profitable if you share it with more people. You can request a car, a van and even a bus, depending on the number of people you are.

Once the opening of the venue doors has begun, you will pass the typical check and your printed or digital ticket will serve as access to the event since you won't receive a bracelet in return. You'll get a eco-token, with which you'll have free access to the container of what you're going to order. By returning that container every time you order, you won't have to pay for the eco-token again. A measure that we applaud and that served to enjoy an event free of empty glasses and bottles on the floor.

Lotto Arena (via Reverze)

To make the payment at each of these stands you must use the following payment methods through the festival's own card: Maestro, Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard or cash. As a curiosity, you will find in the merchandising stalls bracelets from several of the artists who will perform at the festival. A fairly exclusive souvenir if your favorite artist is among them.

Having explained all the steps on how to acquire your ticket, travel to Belgium and get to the festival, we can only advise you that enjoy an incredible experience in another of the temples of electronic music, more in this case of the hard genre. Marvel at a stage with lots of effects and a brutal staging. Lotto Arena will be different, as it will be made up of screens. Its smaller size works in its favor, since it creates a atmosphere in which everyone goes in unison and where there is no room for a soul. Vibrate, jump, and enjoy. Let the hard music enter your body, allow your heart to follow the rhythm of the bpms and let yourself go. Feel that feeling and make others feel it.

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