Parookaville, the festival known as The City of Dreams.

Around the airport Weeze, Germany is celebrating a true unknown gem and its name is parookaville. There have been several years in which people hear and read about this festival and the curious thing is, nothing bad is heard or read.

Our experience in parookaville it was amazing and we consider it as one of the best festivals in Europe and that it is mandatory to add it to the Summer Tour.

The first thing you should know is that the only airline available to travel to Weeze es Ryanair, it is a limited airport. To fly from Spain you may have a direct flight or have to make stops. The prices of flights to Weeze They are not usually high as long as you buy them in time, it can cost approximately € 100.

You already have your flights purchased, now is the time for TicketsWhat are there and at what prices? As usual the options are camping o hotels. It is recommended that you go to camping, not only because it is cheaper but also because it saves you distance between the festival and your accommodation.

The price of tickets for the entire weekend, no camping, are around €200. Individual entries per €100. Tickets, with camping, there are different modalities and prices:

-Base Ground.- Its price ranges from €300, is the entrance with basic camping in which you yourself bring your own tent.

-Mellow Fields.- Its price is practically on a par with Base Ground, for about €300. The difference is that it is larger and you have rest areas and greater comfort.

-Caravans.- In case you are on a European Tour and want to go in a Caravan, it is a good option also for a few €900.

-Comfort and Deluxe.- What we usually know as Glamping, prices from €1.000 between two people with their comforts and advantages.

You have your flights and tickets already purchased, how do you get to the festival? Outside the airport there is a bus stop and one of them takes you to the station so you can catch the Shuttle to take you to parookaville.

One of the advantages that it has parookaville it's the supermarket PENNY open the 24 hours with quite cheap prices, not only to survive but also to enjoy your stay at the campsite and festival. Another advantage is that you can enter the festival with a custom water bottle and fill it free inside the festival, at the water points.

Within the festival are used Tokens And if it is true that they are high prices, because the minimum to acquire them are €15 by 5 tokens. It's not something to worry about anyway, you can Go in and go out from the premises to go to the supermarket for dinner or whatever else you need more economically.

Entering the subject, the festival and its Internships they are incredible. It is a non-stop, from o'clock 14:00 from the afternoon until 4:00 in the morning and everyone with the same purpose, have a good time and make everyone have a good time. Visit all the Stages, performances by the festival, the free pool for all attendees and all its decoration, it is the city of dreams.

The Set Times they publish them in the App de parookaville one to two weeks before the festival. It is not easy to program who to see, because mostly at all hours you have top performances, and each one according to their tastes.

The enclosure is large, so is recommendable that you go around several times and get an idea of ​​where each STAGE. You have a great variety of food stalls and water points free.

During the day the weather is warm and in short it is very comfortable but as dusk falls sweatshirt It comes in handy, so if you leave it in your backpack or on your waist, you will appreciate it.

The atmosphere is great, both at the campsite and at the festival. Do not forget to take a photo in the letters of parookaville.

La organization The festival is very good, you will not have problems and if there are, they will solve them in a short time, they are very efficient.

We hope this guide helps and motivates you to go, we went with high expectations and they exceeded them, parookaville It is an unknown jewel and you have to live it. Any questions that have not been clarified you can ask us without any problem.

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