Transmission Festival

Going to Europe's biggest trance music festival has never been so cheap. In this way we could translate our assistance to Transmission Festival.
Let's start by talking about the location. Prague, capital of the Czech Republic, is one of the 20 cities most visited in the world thanks to an architectural beauty that ends up making everyone who visits it fall in love. Despite all the horrors it suffered in times past, it has resurfaced as a city which is totally attractive to visit at any time of the year.

How would we fly to Prague? We have several options. The 2 clearest options would be Madrid and Barcelona, where would we have a wide range of flights. Then this Bilbao, Malaga, Valencia... but with one more schedule limited. Unless you live in one of these cities mentioned, we recommend Madrid and Barcelona.
El price of flights is relatively cheap, but you have to be careful with the date you travel, since match (rather coincided) with the Columbus Day. The most recommended is book flights with 2 months to go At the most, since at the last minute it could go close to 200 euros. With a fairly long period of time you could buy them from $80.
Lastly, if you want get around with Uber from the airport to the accommodation, you will have to go up to the first floor of the airport and exit to the terminal parking lot, since it is the place where they can pick you up. Mention that a 40-minute trip like ours cost only 16 euros.

Before talking about the cost of accommodation and tickets, we show you a detail. The Czech Republic, despite belonging to the EU, does not work with the euro if not with the Czech crown, where the equivalent to the euro is 1 to 0,0039. A bargain, come on. I put you in situation, upon our arrival at the airport, 2 typical buns of the city, they did not cost us even 1 euro equivalent. A situation very favorable to choose Prague as a place to visit.

Regarding accommodation, it rents us a lot the currency exchange. You will be able to find 3 or 4 star hotels for less than 100 euros weekend. The distance from the accommodation to the festival will have to be your decision. We always recommend staying close to the event to get there more easily after the event is over, but due to Uber's low cost, any option is viable.

Most important time: the Tickets. We found the Regular, VIP and Golden VIP, which are around the prices of 60 to 200euros. The Regular allows you access to the track, the VIP access to more exclusive areas and bathrooms and Golden VIP access to the front terrace of the event, where eye! It cannot be recorded or photographed. This last year Transmission marked sold out with 4 months to go, so if your priority is to attend Transmission, you should buy it as soon as possible. A small consignment was launched by waiting list in the absence of a few days, but it also does not assure you of being able to attend, since exhausts a day or a few days. Regarding resale, underline that Transmission does not allow entries from other platforms than the official ones, which we support.
You will be assigned a door to enter through if your entry is from Paylogic, where your printed ticket will be exchanged for one from TicketHolder to pass the check.

Now yes, the festival begins. The event is held in the O2 Arena, a stadium built for the 2004 Ice Hockey World Cup and that is now used to host different events. Located in Ceskomoravska 17it's quite accessible via urban transport. If your access is through the north entrance la Metro station nearest is Českomoravská, where the line B. The bus station receives the same name and through it they pass the 151, 152 and 375. The tram station nearest is Praha Multiarena, by which at daytime, pass to line 8 and 25, and at night la 92. If your entry is for the south the closest you will find is the bus station and tram station under the name of Praha-Libeň.

Several things to point out once you are inside the event:
1. The lockers are located in the fourth floor of the enclosure. They are at the price of €10 and it is possible that they will be sold out during the event, so it is advisable to buy them beforehand through the web. If you have a VIP ticket, it will have no cost.
2. There will be a stand for Lost objects all night long in the lobby.
3. It is credit card payment allowed in almost all the positions of the event. You'll find ATM in the northern part of the O2 Arena. In case of making the payment in cash, it may be in Czech crowns and euros.
4. The stand of merchandising it is located in the north lobby. We recommend go asap since there are usually long lines as soon as the event begins.
5. Smoking is prohibited inside the premises. You can only smoke outside the event in an area reserved exclusively for this use. If you go out, you will be able to access through door 30.
6. Enjoy!

Once all these steps are accomplished, enjoy one of the most amazing events we have visited. Immerse yourself among all the lasers and enjoy the melodies of trance music. Is your moment. Close your eyes, let yourself be carried away by the music and be part of Transmission Festival, the place where light and sound travel at the same speed.

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